Heavy Rain Patch Is On The Way

Since the release of Sony's Heavy Rain last month, users have been complaining about a range of bugs and glitches. Well, complaining about most of them. Good news, complainers: a patch is on the way.

The publisher has posted a notice on its official forums, revealing that the patch - which should hopefully (though it's not guaranteed!) fix the freezing issues that have plagued so many users - is now in final testing, with a release imminent.

If you're stuck for time while waiting for the patch's release, you could always hone your skills for one of the game's earliest, yet most pivotal moments.

Heavy Rain issues under investigation [Sony]


    For people that got this on release day, this is a long time to wait for a patch. Maybe they should have tested a bit more before they hit the go button?

      Problem with a game that has so many options to choose from is it's almost impossible to test every single possible combination of choices people do to advance. I've seen QA in action and man do they keep finding bugs right up to D-Day... And that's for a straight up racing game!


    Madison Page is gunna have clothes on :(

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