Heavy Rain: When Art Imitates Art

Prepare for an eerie sense of deja vu, Heavy Rain fans, as you watch actor Sam Douglas - the face and voice of Heavy Rain's Scott Shelby - play exactly the same role in a real movie. Trenchcoat and all.

The scene is from Derailed, a 2005 film starring Clive Owen (Children of Men) and Jennifer Aniston (daughter of Days of our Lives' Victor Kiriakis). Oh, and the RZA!

Douglas is barely in the film, but a scene showing him in a long coat, as an investigator, questioning someone, is a treat. Especially that last line about shipping people off to the morgue each week....


    I've got Derailed and recommend having a watch if you're a mature enough adult who likes more than typical explosions and aliens and the like.

    that is awesome... I have watched some of the extras of the game and you do get to see him a bit but that was cool. Wonder if they approached him about the game due to this?

    Sam Douglas was the best actor they had in heavy rain. I hope he gets more attention.

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