Hello, World's Fastest Graphics Card

This is the Sapphire Radeon HD 5970, and it's apparently the world's fastest production video card. Which it had want to be, with a price tag hovering around the $US700 mark.

It's got an overclocked ATI GPU that's running at 850mhz, three large (and surely cosmetic) fans and, as you can see in the middle there, one enormous heatsink. Oh, and it also has 4GB of DDR3 RAM.

So yes. With a 3DMark Vantage score of 22,000, it will run Crysis. Hell, it can probably run Crysis ragged, then read its palms.

The Sapphire Radeon replaces the regular Radeon HD 5970, which had held the title since November 2009.

The Sapphire Radeon HD 5970 Is Faster Than Every Other Graphics Card [Gizmodo]


    give me one.

    Yeah, but in a year or two it will be outdated.
    Spend US$700 on a console and a bunch of games. . . play for a bunch of years.

    Me want, however in aus its lesser brother SAPPHIRE HD5970 725M PCIe/2GB/DVI/HDMI# already costs #1100 dollars.

    Who would pay anything for a Sapphire card? Christ...

    *Pats my GTX285*
    You're still cool :)

    I have two Sapphire Radeon HD5870's...
    and 12G ram :D
    I don't need to buy something that costs HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, when I have something that runs anything darn well already for half the price.

    It wont be when the Nvidia GTX480 comes out


    It has "GDDR5" RAM, DDR3 ram has nothing to do with this card - or any graphics cards for that matter

      Oh and it has 2 GPUs - not one

    overkill. 5830 is enough.

    I wonder if it's as huge a piece of crap as my radeon 8950. Can't even watch youtube videos full screen because it makes the driver crash wtf RAGE. Absolutely regret not buying a geforce...

    This things been around for months... little slow on the pc news Luke? :P

    Is there going to be a competition for someone to win it :)

    Isn't there a new one of these every few weeks?

    It's like, "WOOH, I CAN GET A FEW MORE FRAMES IN CRYSIS! Totally worth it..."

    My GTX260 has been a real battler for 2 years now just about, I have no reason to update it as I can run any game (aside from Crysis) at max settings and at least 4x AA, it also supports DX11. However as PC stuff costs so little these days, if I made a 'new build' I'd look at one of these beasties, at least the next gen Nvidia card. Remember GPU's get bottlenecked by an un-OC'ed CPU, so really unless you're tuning your rig to it's max there's no sensible reason to lay this kind of cash down.

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