Here's One Way To Make A Pirate Pay - Dearly

It'd be rather embarrassing to be publicly outed as an erotic novel aficionado, especially one that supports a USB attachment that gets you off while playing it. This happened to some Japanese file-sharers who thought they were pirating a game.

Someone took advantage of the interest in Cross Days, an erotic visual novel now out in Japan, and cooked up some devious malware that is cringe-inducing on any number of levels. Guys who thought they were downloading an installer for the game instead fired up an app that siphoned off their names, a bunch of other personal info, and then took a screenshot of their desktop and uploaded it all to a website. Now, presumably, a search will turn up that you tried to pirate a porn game, and not just that, a porn game whose release was delayed so that it could come out alongside some kind of robot wank machine (NSFW).

I find the screengrab to be particularly devious. How would you like a random screengrab of your desktop uploaded, alongside your name and address, as you're getting ready to enjoy some good old-fashioned porn? Thought so.

The victims can get all this removed, but they first must apologise for trying to pirate the game. Best part? The EULA that came with the faux-installer said straight up that all this would happen. But no one reads those things, of course.

This reminds me of a time about 12 years ago, back when opening email attachments would cause the earth to explode. A buddy at a newspaper got sent something that purported to contain naked pictures of Cindy Crawford or whoever was hot back then. As he double clicked, his screen went dark, then was filled with a giant, flashing "PORN" as an submarine red-alert siren went off and a recorded voice screamed, "Hey everybody! I'm looking at porn!" He literally had to unplug his computer to make it stop.

Fake Game Installer Punishes Pirates Via Epic Privacy Breach [TorrentFreak]


    Oh that is full of so much win!

    Sure Owen, a 'buddy'.

    That is awesome!

    so i just HAD to take a look at the link to the "robot wank machine", for research purposes -of course. the web page has some great engrish including this disturbing sentence:
    "Inside of hole: innumerable pleats and protuberance excite you."

    SOLD ! Can we get tshirts made ?

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