Hey Capcom, Why $US40 For Super Street Fighter IV?

Super Street Fighter IV is $US40. Seems steep for an update to a game that came out only 12 months ago. Let's give Capcom a chance to try and explain.

Speaking with Gamasutra, Capcom's Christian Svensson has said that while it wasn't easy settling on a price point (or even a means of delivering the updated characters), a decision had to be made based on the game's userbase and and simple economics.

"It's $US40," he said. "We had two choices, and the economics didn't work out on one... No matter what, we were fracturing the userbase, and we had to start from scratch. There was no way to just sort of do an update on the DLC, and if we'd done what we did Lost Planet Colonies - I don't know if you'll recall - basically it had everything had the first game had and a ton more."

"And we did that as our Platinum package. The problem is that it gets a new title ID, which means no cross-play with the original consumers. And the other part is designing the game around, figuring out who has which package, even if you could do that. So, we knew we had to go from scratch. A Platinum [version]wasn't really an option no matter what we did."

"The other part of this is frankly we were putting in so much new content, we thought that a platinum play wasn't the right play anyway. So, going $US10 above Platinum/Greatest Hits pricing was sort of a nice compromise. And we haven't announced it, but for those who have purchased and played Street Fighter IV on the system that they play this on, there will be a nifty little special set of things that those people will have the option of enjoying that others won't."

Seems to skirt around the issue somewhat. It's a good deal being $US10 over platinum pricing for new consumers, yeah, but that "special set of things" had want to be pretty damn special for existing owners to spend $US90 in one year on Street Fighter IV.

Careful, Capcom: Christian Svensson Speaks [Gamasutra]


    Or how about AUS$170+? They could always just do as all fighting gaems seem to, and release a llimited edition arcade stick... that sells them.

    Meh, i'll just wait for Ultimate Super Street Fighter 4 Turbo: Championship Edition Deluxe.

    So. . . $100 Australian?

      I hope not!

      If its between $50 - $60 I'll be picking this up, if not I'll give it a miss.

    Hmmmm well considering that is what Aussies spend on games not bad.

    Considering how much love my copy of SF4 got, I'm not too fussed paying around 60-70 bucks (my estimate of the AU price at somewhere like JB) for this.

    does this mean the market will be flooded with the old street fighter IV game disk when SSFIV comes out.. as there doesn't seem to be any point in keeping the old one...

    Honestly, I'm happy to pay full price for it. If you'll recall, a SNES cart of Super Street Fighter II cost the same price as the original game when it came out. Simlarly, I paid around $70-$80 for a copy of Street Fighter III: Double Impact on the Dreamcast (which came with the original SFIII) and then paid $10 on top of that a year later for Third Strike.
    I understand why people don't want to pay full price, but I just can't work out why people are only jsut being vocal about these things now.

    US$40 is a bargain for what we are getting in sf4, i guess you wouldnt understand unless you are an avid fighter gamer. 10 new characters, new online lobbies, replay channels, team tournament mode, endless battles, two bonus levels, new trials for every character, tweaks and balancing for existing characters, new moves for existing characters, brand new stages and minor things like new announcers and character theme songs.. and did i mention TEN new characters to play with? All for 40usd? YES PLEASE.

    Personally, ive clocked close to 900hours with my copy of SF4 so my opinion may be abit bias, but lets face it streetfighter has never been a casual game, if you dont play it enough and if you think you're not getting your moneys worth with SSF4 then dont get it.

    they should make a system online where you can register your game, so that you can access these 'nifty little things' on any platform. It'd be nice to make the switch from xbox to ps3 or PC just for accessibility of friends...

    Sick of all this sharded gaming.

    So, I can sell my SFIV and buy SSFIV, but what happens to the unlockable content & dlc from the original? does it transfer or (more likely) is it only of use with SFIV.
    If it's the latter, then that's a high price to pay if you want to enjoy the full content of both versions.

      The costumes you bought for SFIV work in the new one.

      All characters in the new one come unlocked thanks to demand from players, and rumour is things like colours are unlocked simply by playing the character a lot, though no one exactly knows yet.

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