Hey Japan, Welcome To Western Gaming

If you ever wonder why some Japanese players have a bad impression of Western gamers, read this post.

These two images are doing the rounds on the Japanese internet, and they apparently depict a message from one message from one Battlefield 1943 player (supposedly an American) to a Japanese player. Battlefield 1943 is a multi-player first-person shooter set during World War II. Players are either America or Japan. In the West, online gaming for first-person shooters is stereotypically the bastion of slurs and smack talk.

It is unclear what promoted this message. Of course, the message, written in simplistic Japanese using English letters, could be fake.

The message reads:

"SENDER: Name withheld

TITLE: Fuckng JAP cheater

You stupid JAP cheater. Because your dick is small, you're angry, huh? Do you remember HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI?? We can do that again. Underhanded, idiotic dickhead. Japanese girls love Americans because Japanese guys' dicks are small. You probably don't have a girlfriend. Of course, you're a dummy."

Those on the Japanese internet are quick to point out the overuse of the words "dick" (chinko) and "stupid" (baka).



    Meh, I've had offensive comments and messages from people from all over the world. That one is particularly harsh but I think to generalise that to an entire race is in itself being racist.

    "the Japanese internet"

    I never knew they had their own. Curious message though, written in basic japanese so the dipshit in question has some passable knowledge and despite a string of abuse, it ends with "dummy"...

    why would someone go to so much effort to do this?
    what a serious douchebag

      IF it's true.

    Generally we don't hate Japanese, do we? But maybe this isn't fake and someone out there really does. That makes up for exceedingly common Japanese trait of utter hatred of all disabled people? Can't get away with ads for leasing an apartment in the west that says "whites only" but "(racially) Japanese only" or "no foreigners" is pretty unremarkable it's so common in Japan. In fact if you want to think of a single culture which really has the most to be embarrassed about with respect xenophobia it's pretty hard to go past Japan. So in that context is this some jerk slagging off someone from Japan online or is it fake, created to denigrate non-Japanese people on 2chan? (Wonderful source of reliable good sense that 2chan is.) Why would anyone care either way? If Japanese people play in the world they might find out about things like Nanjing and you don't have to be suffocated by such an oppressive culture as theirs. It wouldn't be good for the status quo in Japan if that happened.
    I have no issue being friendly and polite to any individual japanese person I meet, on or offline, at least until the topic of someone's physical disability comes up.

    haha oh wow. That's a lot of nerd rage right there.

    Oh man, someone sounds pretty butthurt.

    This is an over-generalization though, saying that ALL western gamers are trash talking assholes is like saying all Japanese gamers are closet pedophiles.

    If you play any online game anywhere, you are garunteed to come across something like this every once in a while

    PS: Was the japanese guy ACTUALLY cheating? Just curious

    Why withhold the name? Let everyone see the twat who sent it.

    Gww wiz.. I had heard of racisim and rage in online games but had never seen it first hand.. thanks Kotaku..

    This is hardly news..

    Fake as hell, nobody who bothers to learn Japanese would start insulting Japanese people. Someone is just trying to make us look bad, though this is really something I'd expect to see if it were real :P

    Hm, the same reason I don't play online games.

    People like that piss me off so much. Get a life I say.

    You mean welcome to american gaming.

      Uh no, play some FPS online here in Australia.
      It's just as bad.
      I was copping it last night, some of the things I got called were so abusive I just had to laugh.
      Then mute their mics.

        The first thing I do when I start playing anything is mute mikes. I like the idea of people yelling things and thinking I can hear them.

    It's a shame the more level-headed and mature gamers tend to be the ones who say the least. If this had been MY first experience with a western gamer, I'd probably have the wrong impression too.

    The minority should NEVER be the face of the majority... not to diss you guys for reporting this, but media has a way of making the actions of the few seem like the actions of the whole and taint the western community as a whole. I've play quite a few games against virtually every culture on Xbox and really, in the end of the day an opponent is an opponent... bigotry (I don't like the word "racism" as there is only one race, the human race) as far as I’m concerned should never be tolerated.

    Dear lord. How pathetic it is to read something as moronic as that... I'm guessing the japanese player was completely pwning this moron with nothing but skill and mr nancypants here simply wasn't able to keep up... what a tosser.

    I hope Sony banned his ass.

    that really is poor form. just like in the real world, online gaming is full of total fuckheads as well.

    racist jerk on the internet. Hardly news :p Everybodys been called a mexican jew lizard at least once.

    umm... what average smack talking westerner would even *know* japanese?

    I've gotten abusive messages playing killzone 2 and mw2, usually when i get massive killstreaks they all think your cheating when your just lucky/skilled- usually stuff about my mother.

    hmm no comments, whats there to say really??

    Erotica. games. market.

    Western gaming>Japanese games, that is all.

    they need to harden the f*uck up a little if they cant take a little smack talk on battlefield

      and I only just realised how much i fail at self censorship

    Assuming it is real, typical pimple faced adolescent speak. Someone needs to tell the Japs not to worry about immature comments like that and that the kid (and kids like him/her) is probably picked on constantly in real life.

    I'd like to see creative banter on shooters for once. Something like what Ian Healy said to one of the poms when he was still keeping, "Could I borrow your head, I'm building an idiot". I'd respect an insult like that.

    The fact that the 'american' guy can type confidently in romanji tells me that he's a weeaboo.. Hiroshima or not, the Naruto fandom rules this world now.

    Well this story and the image doesn't really say anything about Japanese but it definitely should tell the world something about Americans lol

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