How Do You Name Your Pokémon?

How Do You Name Your Pokémon?

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver hit the streets on Sunday, and the widespread capture and training of those adorable little fighting machines begins anew. With so many Pokémon to capture, how do you tell them apart? By assigning clever nicknames, that’s how.

When I played the original Pokémon Red, way back when I was still technically too old for it, I started off naming my captured Pokémon after my close friends. While that sufficed for the first three or so, I soon found myself running out of people to name my playmates after. There were what, 150 in that first batch? No one had that many friends back then, because Facebook didn’t exist yet.

For a while I went with the convention of using a descriptive adjective followed by the suffix -poo. Onix, the rock snake Pokémon, became Snakeypoo, for instance. This lasted through several games and led to one ex-girlfriend calling me Mikeypoo, which also, oddly enough, signalled the end of the usage of that technique.

These days I’ve changed. Aside from the odd traded Pokémon, like Rocky here, or Delores, named just so I could show off a sheep named Delores, I tend to leave my Pokémon unnamed.


Because giving them names would foster individuality, and my Pokémon are not individuals. They are an elite fighting force, tools in my war to become the very best, like no one ever was.

The hot pink DSi is a diversionary tactic.

Now that I’ve laid out my naming conventions, tell me yours! Do you name your Pokémon after cartoon characters? Presidents? Countries? Facebook friends? Inquiring minds want to know.


  • I usually keep them unnamed unless the Pokemon was a particular prick to capture, then I’d name it “Bastard”, or “Prick”, etc.

  • I dont tend to nickname my pokemon, as i tend not to double up on any of the same monster.

    However if im playing a game like Viva Pinata i will usually place an A or O at the end of their natural names to specify gender.

    After then one could use the Final Fantasy naming system eg. Fire, Fira, Firaga.

  • I’ve called one pokemon Bumfluff in every pokemon game. It’s always the first bird type pokemon i catch.
    weird tradition…BUMFLUFF

  • Ever since Ruby I’ve always named all of my pokemon, even ones I’ll never use. It now annoys me to see people being so creative and awesome to leave their pokemon called BLASTOISE.

    Usually pick a fitting name, or the first thing that pops into my head, usually via word association with my environment at the time.

    It’s nice to have unique ‘mans, but then again I always add the first letter of my last name to my name in the games, so I’m not your average “David”

  • I always called them the name of their final evolution in proper case (capital, then lower case letters) until this generation, because now I don’t know what they’re all called off the top of my head. I suspect I’ll go back to this tactic for HeartGold, though.

  • Im boring, I just leave them as there pokemon names. I wouldnt call my dog “dog” but I wouldnt call him “bastard” either. I would find the comedy in the name to wear off fast and Id need to change it (if I could).

    • You can change em, visit the name rater.

      The only ones I really gave names to were Unown (where I jsut added what letter shape they were at the end of the name)

  • I always used to call the first partner Pokemon ‘Blade’, and no others ever got a name.
    Since Pearl Blade’s changed to ‘Megiddo’.
    Interesting? Not really Random? Semi.

  • I name my Pokemon REALLY random things. I don’t really follow a trend, but rather I…I’m not sure how to explain it.

    But here’s my current team as an example:
    Machamp: Bruce
    Empoleon: PresidentE
    Roserade: Raichu
    Giratina: CATERPIE
    Staraptor: Astro
    Bronzong: Playtodon

    Then when I was playing on Smogon for a while, I just changed the names of all the Pokemon into names of other random Pokemon, but then I ended up forgetting who was who (there are no pictures when you want to switch in Smogon) and I kept sending in the wrong Pokemon…so I stopped doing that on Smogon.

  • I’ll admit to being incredibly immature and always naming my pokemon the most vulgar and crass names I can come up with. Not sure why because I never do it on any other game. Pokemon just seems to elicit this response from me.

  • usually i leave them un-named, except for a team i’m building, which ill come up with names dependent on traits of the pokemon. i.e. i named my porygon-z, firevallv3 and my Blissey (used as a tank-team healer) penicilin

  • I only ever name the Pokemon who are tools, for example the one I teach Cut to will become Cutter.

    Oh and the capture specialist with the move that always leaves 1hp and a sleep spell is always called Malice.

  • Hm… The only time I name my pokemon is if they are really important like for instance my starter pokemon right now is (in SoulSilver) Typlosion and I named him Saito after one of my favorite strong willed anime characters. But in one of my older games (Emerald) I named my Blaziken Flame. <3 I only name favorites.

  • I’d really just name them a nice name that had the same first letter of the Poke’mon name.

    Like, for example, Aron could be like…Astrid or something.

    (Just off the top of my head.)

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