How The PlayStation Move Is NOT A Wii Remote

I just played SOCOM 4 with the newly-named PlayStation Move controller. And now I know how the PlayStation 3's motion-sensitive controller is not just a me-too Wii controller.

-Fewer buttons: The Move controller is actually even more streamlined than the Wii Remote. Nintendo's Remote still offers/confuses a new player with a d-pad, plus, A, minus, 1 and 2 buttons as well as a home button and B trigger. The Move has its own home button and underbelly trigger, but just five other points of button input. That makes the controller actually feel a little naked and therefore likely even less daunting to a new player - unless they need their controllers to look like TV remotes.

-No wasted batteries: The Wii remote sucks up AA battery juice. The Move and its companion sub-controller are rechargeable via the same mini-USB connection used to charge the PS3's main controller.

-A smarter controller: I played SOCOM 4, a third-personshooter, with the Move pointed at the TV like a gun and the sub-controller in my left hand to command character movement. Wii games that were controlled with Remote and Nunchuk could be befuddled if the player pointed the Remote away from the screen. If you were playing a shooter and aimed just off the screen, the game's camera might start spinning or the game would pause and ask for the player to point at the TV again. The combination of camera sensors - the Sony Eyetoy on top of the TV detects the presence of the Move - and a gyroscope prevented SOCOM 4 from getting confused. When I moved my controller to point off of the TV, the gyroscopic sensors kept track of my movement. The same thing happened when a SOCOM developer blocked the Eyetoy camera. The precision of the controller diminishes in these situation. but the PS3 doesn't lose track of the device.

-No wire!: The Wii Remote and Nunchuk are tethered by a short cable. The PS3 Move and its subcontroller are not.

-No off-hand gyro: The Wii Nunchuk has a sensor that detects motion, more crudely than does the Remote. The PS3's version of the Nunchuk, does not have a motion sensor, according to a developer I was speaking to. There's a chance that is not final, but that is the case with the controllers at Sony's showcase event today. But that's why two-handed boxing-style games were shown with two Moves. On the Wii, those kinds of games are handled, with supposedly less precision, with a Remote and Nunchuk.

-The coloured ball: The colourful sphere at the pointing end of the Move is the thing that the PlayStation Eye uses to detect the presence of the Move. The colour changes. In the demo I played with SOCOM 4, the sphere was orange. Why? Because the software detected that there was no orange in the background. If we had been in a different room, the colour would be different. The Wii's signature hue may be white, but this varying colour at the end of the Move will likely prove to be the Move's visual trademark.

Those are the differences, all less obvious than the similarities. The PS3 Move is being shown to support shooters and table tennis, fistfighting and co-op platforming. These may be familiar templates to Wii games who have sampled Metroid, Wii Sports, and Super Mario Galaxy. But at the nitty-gritty level, some of the PS3 Move's difference offer some nice feature improvements - maybe a drawback or two - and something that isn't quite the Wii-too it appears to be at first glance.

And, hey, the Sony person showing me SOCOM didn't even make me wear the controller's wrist strap. A Nintendo person would never let me get away with that.

The Move is out this fall, price and launch games to be announced.


    Well... all i can say is i would be surprised if it wasn;t any better then the wii mote. The wii mote was completed in 2005? if they cant get a better one 5 years later then their r&d sucks lol. I wont be purchsing this though. I got a Wii, dont need more motion controllers

      I am just concerned about all of the supporting hardware. PS3, camera, normal controller, Move X2 or more...

      When compared to Natal with a single camera detecting multiple inputs or Wii's (no camera - just a sensor bar)

      I appreciate that Move may be the most accurate? but this is a fair amount of TV space clutter...

        The camera for the Wii is in the remote itself, so really if your playing 4 player Wii Sports that's 4 cameras... but thats just me nit picking :P

        Either way seems fine to me, same number of peripherals so theres no additional clutter over Nintendo's solution (I'm including the classic controller).

          Speaking of nitpicking, I think you'll find that the Wiimote uses a lower resolution infra-red sensor rather than a camera.

      Very true. Sony have the advantage of learning from Nintendo's mistakes.

    "-No wasted batteries: The Wii remote sucks up AA battery juice. The Move and its companion sub-controller are rechargeable via the same mini-USB connection used to charge the PS3’s main controller."

    No offence meant, but considering that AA rechargable batteries have been around since the 80's I fail to see how this is a significant difference.

    Overall, these elements are still cosmedic and, to me, fail to separate the Move from the Wii Remote.

      Its significant in the same sense as 'fits in your hand better' is. Its not going to break or seal the deal but its more convenient. Personally I prefer the way the 360 does it. All the flexibility of AAs with the simplicity of internals (not to mention the price difference on new controllers).

      Considering such a small feature important may make me lazy, but I don't want to worry about juggling rechargeable batteries around when I could be playing my games.

      Also means that it is as useless as the PS3 controller because there is no capacity for AA's or rechargeable packs like X360/Wii - At some point the "wireless" freedom HAS to be corded to recharge. That would be a real pain when you want to play something but the device is flat... at least with the other consoles you can keep going wirelessly... one of the dumbest moves Sony have made next to having it controlled by Blu-tooth remotes only, I already spent $200 on a universal remote solution but I have to spend more for this one device...

        You find this to complain about yet don't lament on the money wasted on expendable batteries?

        just plug them in at the end of your gaming session and they stay recharged, like everyone who owns a ps3 does, unless they are an idiot.

    But is it something you would buy and develop for? The Wii remotes would have never worked as an add-on for the GameCube, XBOX or PS2. They would have had a half dozen games that were Remote-Optional (like the GBA cable), and maybe a few Nintendo made showcase games for it, but developers couldn't count on it being there so they wouldn't make games for it.

    That's what I really want to hear about from Sony and Microsoft. I'm sure the Move and Natal are both top notch in terms of tech. They really don't need to sell me on that. What I want to hear from them is how they're going to get developers working on more than just Wii ports.
    Obviously XBLA and the PSN will help out a lot here and lay ground work that previous generations of add-on devices didn't have (light guns may have got a serious hold if there were two dozen XBLA/PSN games to back them up).
    PS3 controllers already carry a high pricetag, so its not that much of a stretch to say a set of Move controllers, plus the token game would land you at the price point where you could buy a whole console. Likewise Microsoft charge through the roof for add-ons. I can imagine the Natal ending up in a similar position. I want to know how they're going to get past that and actually get these things into the homes so developers justify making games with a focus on Natal/Move technology.

    I'll no doubt buy the Natal, and unless it goes horribly wrong I'll get a Move within the first six months. I'm just puzzled at why they all seem to just assume these things will sell like Wiis.

      I imagine Microsoft will, like the origional xbox, sell Natal at a huge loss... just to get into the wii market.
      Hell, bundle it with an arcade console and price it cheap enough... they could move some real merchandise.

        I actually think they might be better off not directly bundling it. Instead selling the Natal/Move at a reasonable price by itself and including a voucher for a free retail game in the Natal/Move range as well as one or two Natal/Move XBLA/PSN games.
        That way developers can make Natal/Move games without having to worry so much about whether players who might be interested in their game already have Natal/Move.
        Likewise players don't have to worry about forking out extra for a game they don't want so they can buy the game they do want.
        If you want Point Blank you don't have to buy Time Crisis to get the gun. If you want two guns then buy two and get Point Blank and Point Blank 2 rather than ending up with two copies of Time Crisis.

    Though it does look a little Wii-ish if they can do a better job I think it will be very interesting. I'm more of an xbox fan than a ps, and even though there's a lot of hype around Natal, I think this could end up better, simply because it has a direct input to the game.

    The changing colour on the end of it sounds kind of cool too.

    While Sony are obviously copying Nintendo with this controller, I still think it can be successful. What are the main things missing from the Wii? HD graphics and normal games that can be played decently with a normal controller.
    The PS3 has both of these things so its kind of like a Wii 2 or something.
    I've always conceded the Wii to be a novelty console not worth buying because like all novelty's it will eventually wear off.
    But with Sony releasing this, you can have the novelty with better graphics and still go back to conventional games when it wears off.

    After reading this, i'm a little more interested. I think every knows its going to be better than a Wii Remote - its just whether it will be worth it.

    To the Wii's defence, well the remote. Not all Wii games have motion control, hence the extra buttons. If you don't want to play a motion control PS3 game, you use a normal controller. The MOVE doesn't need so many buttons like the Wii.

    SONY made a smart choice about recharging the controllers. But this was Nintendo's deal all along. Every fault about the Wii WAS/IS put in place to fix it to make $$$. They'll probably eventually release a rechargeable Wii Remote that doesn't require buying any extra accessories and everyone will go nuts. Much like the Black Wii, much like the Wii HD that will get an eventual release. Much like the MotionPlus or whatever it is called.

    The only problem Sony SHOULD have is the price. I mean they're going most things right here people, minus the look of the thing but who cares about that. The Wii and accessories are fairly cheap, but their cheaply made anyway. The PS3 is expensive and always has been - even the accessories don't look cheap, same goes with these.
    The bundle thats under $99 most likely is just a Camera and a control with the Orb on top. I don't actually know for sure, but they should throw in the Nunchuk aswell.

    Ideal way to do it is to have numerous bundles. Camera+Controller, Controller+Nunchuk, PS3+Camera+Controller+Nunchuk etc...

    the differences are not enough to not make it the same as the wii. grasping at straws here

    RE: "A smarter controller"
    MotionPlus allows the Wii Remote to behave just like that. If the sensor bar loses the IR signal, the Wii continues to track the Remote.

    Sorry to bust what was probably the most significant item on this list. The rest are much more subjective (e.g. I wish my PS3 controllers could take AAs) or raise issues of their own (e.g. the Nunchuk is a compromise on control to lower costs, buying two Moves isn't likely to be cheap). Consider me cautiously interested at this point.

      Thats because those games don't use the IR sensor, think about it hown would the motion plus help detect anything if the IR is blocked during FPS play? Thats just fail logic.

        It works because it switches from IR to MotionPlus when the IR signal is lost. Just as I said before: "If the sensor bar loses the IR signal, the Wii continues to track the Remote." It's literally the exact same scenario as Steven described about the Move.

    If it looks like a Wiimote, acts like a Wiimote and talks like a Wiiomote, it's still a Wiimote.

    If these "reasons" are all it takes to "revolutionise" game consoles, then the revolution table tennis is simply waiting for are a chrome finish and a ball that lights up as it bounces.

    I've not kept tabs on the playstation move, this is the first time I've seen the control. It's a black Wiimote. And most of what you described should be thanks to SOCOM being well developed: nothing to do with the peripheral.

    Let's not forget that the PS3 inherently has over the Wii is the ability to have more players. The Wii is hard-restricted to 4 players. The PS3 has the capability to handle a lot more (I forget the exact number, but I want to say at least 8.) This means that 2 moves per person isn't out of the question (and a hardware sales bonanza for Sony?).

    Fanboy! Versus... Fanboy!


    Didn't Sony say motion control was a load of crock, or is my memory failing?

    Physically it is close enough to a Wiimote that the market won't be able to tell the difference.

    That doesn't matter though. The tale will be in the software available for it. As has been repeated ad nauseum, a very large percentage of Wii buyers don't go beyond Wii Sports and Wii Fit anyway, and they're even willing to buy extra accessories just for those. IF the Move has killer apps, people will buy a PS3 + Move just for those plus the DVD player aspect of the PS3.

    IF the Move has killer apps. A gimmicky shooter isn't going to be that killer app, though.


    It is a Wiimote for 2010. Whoopadeedoodee!!! (I like cheese)

    Self confessed sony fanboy here: This is stupid

    And so it was, that fanboys everywhere had a new reason to draw their swords..

    Bout time someone did it right btw, but still it had better be MUCH better. Imo the Wii control scheme is gimmicky at best, and completely illogical at worst.

    Guys how you gonna trigger a gun using Natal???

    Tasty, tasty bandwagon. Albeit 5 years too late.

    Acually based on the included screenshot, im starting to question if the reviewier actually used it,

    The move has more buttons, and a dpad.

    Everyone uses rechargable batteries in console controls

    Covering the camera diminished the responsiveness and performance of the device.

    Finally if its not a wiimote, why does it have the exact same hand connection.. Not a wii fanboi here but the articles writer is definately a ps fanboi

    yep after a big day at work labouring i wanna come home and flap my arms around some more. not intersted

    It looks like more like a toys than the wiimote, and the giant bulb makes it look horrendous.

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