How To "Fix" Your Gamerscore

Does your Gamerscore not end in a zero or a five? And does that bug you? If so, you're a little weird, but you're also lucky. But! There's a guy who knows how to help you out.

The guy is Eric Frey, author of "Uncommon Point Value Achievements v1.0", a handy new guide he has published over at Giant Bomb. He has identified more than 30 Achievements that could - oh no - raise the final digit of your Gamerscore one point. He has found more than 30 that will raise it by two, more than 25 that raise it by three and another 20-something for improving that digit by four.

He also has a list of the 29 games that contain the dreaded NFA, or Non-Five Achievement. This list includes the second Forza, Sonic The Hedgehog, the Orange Box and, as we know, DJ Hero.

Thank Eric for providing warnings for the people who play any of those games with NFAs. For example:

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai: There are 6 NFAs and one (21 kills with no hits, +1) is fairly easy and will probably come via normal play and another for beating the game(Smash Your TV, +3). The others are all optional and probably hard to do by accident. There is a +4 for juggling an enemy for 10 seconds so if you don't beat the game that one can easily even out your score. If you do beat the game there are fortunately 2 +3s that aren't too hard and can be used to balance out the your score. Those are The Peter Moore Achievement(play the guitar in the graveyeard), and And You Will Know Us...(impale 13 freaks).

Even better are the tips on how to fix a "damaged" Gamerscore. Such as:

Blacksite: Area 51: [4]Joining a multiplayer game gives you an OGS. Winning a game when there is a new player will fix it.

I'll say it for Eric: You're welcome.

Uncommon Point Value Achievements v1.0 [Giant Bomb][PIC via Flickr]


    My gamer score is currently 32,616, so it jumps between 6 and 1 on the end whenever I get a 5 or 15pointer.
    Personally I rather like it, but can understand that many want to make it a nice clean 0.
    Theres a name for this.. not OCD.. though its similar. Natural human trait that makes us want to stack things and make them all appear in clean rows etc..


    Damn you Civilization Revolution!

    mine ends in 1 because of naughty DJ Hero.
    And as if i'm going to bother getting 5 Stars on Hard to get the other 4.
    Silly DJ Hero, assuming i'd ever play it again.

    I have got a few odd numbered achievements including the ones in DJ Hero, but somehow, without me even trying my gamerscore has balance itself out to 36860.

    Until reading this article I had never thought twice about it but now I notice my gamer score ends in 7..... NOOOOOOOOOO.

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