How To Try Out For Final Fantasy XIV Beta

Now that role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII has been released in the West, gamers are looking forwarding to the next Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XIV. Those who want to get into the beta, read on.

Know that you must be willing to part with money and purchase the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII. Players can register the serial number on their copy of FFXIII to receive a crack at the beta for upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV as well as in-game item.

To get a chance at entering the beta, players must fill out a lengthy application, which lists things like internet speed and provide, router info, previously played MMOs and whether or not players have ever been guild leaders. Players are chosen for the beta based on their answers and not how quick they reply — meaning that it is not guaranteed every player will get a FFXIV beta invite. However, every PS3 customer does get the FFXIV in-game item.

Easy enough! Well, if you don't minding putting up cashola for FFXIII.

A similar promotion was rolled out in Japan when Final Fantasy XIII was released there late last year.

Since Final Fantasy XIV has not yet been officially announced for the Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 version of FFXIII comes with promo codes for Xbox LIVE avatar items.

Thanks Kotaku reader bakagaijin!


    I remember signing up for this beta about a month or so ago, without having to enter a FF XIII serial. Guess it doesn't work like that any more?

    That beta was for PC.

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