How To Upgrade Your Vehicle In Just Cause 2

Let's take a look at the innovative new vehicle upgrade system Avalanche Studios developed for Just Cause 2. It's simpler than you'd expect!

As easy as they make it look, you probably don't want to try this at home. Better an open stretch of highway.


    what did the petrol station have to do with it?

      Dude, it exploded. What sort of dumb question was that?

        I was hoping that the explosion would propel him over the gap or at least into the chopper
        not just explode casually

      I would be more curious about how he managed to get tyre squeal on snow.

      Now THAT is impressive!

    Is it me? or does this game just give the idea of a Mercenaries remake?

    did anyone else notice that the guy who falls out of the chopper uses that really old scream noise from C&C? the one that sounds like a tire screech.

    Question is, will the engine suffer the GTA system of when in need of a greater vehicle or a particular type, in this case a helicopter - it seems impossible to find one.

    Hopefully not!

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