How To Use Psychological Warfare To Win At Video Games

As any seasoned professional can tell you, winning at video games starts way before you take controller in hand. GamesRadar has posted some key strategies for defeating your opponent using man's greatest weapon - the power of the mind.

Some would say the human mind is what separates us from wild animals. Others would say that wild animals are what separates us from the human mind, but they generally live in really bad neighbourhoods, like the jungle. I subscribe to the notion that our power to deceive and misdirect is what separates us from wild animals. It's also what helps us excel at video games, as GamesRadar UK's David Houghton points out in his article "How to win games with the power of your mind."

His first two examples are ones that I've long utilised myself. Pretending I am either completely amazing or ridiculously incompetent is a tactic I've used not only to psyche out competitors in video games, but is one of the main reasons I have such a lovely girlfriend, at least until she reads this post.

I've used some of his other suggestions almost accidentally. For instance, remaining aloof and not talking is something I do because I am slightly shy, while switching up tactics is mainly a result of my overall lack of tactics.

His most useful bit of advice? Know when to quit.

With so much of the psychological approach to gaming based around the impression you create rather than your actual play level, knowing when to quit is vital if you're going to have your dark legend live on. Maintain a good run for as long as you can, but as soon as you suspect someone's getting wise to you, get out of there.

He could have just typed the chorus from Kenny Roger's "The Gambler", but I appreciate the extra effort. It's what separates us from wild animals.

How to win games with the power of your mind [Games Radar]


    what about animals that deceive and misdirect - like anglerfish and like stick insects.
    They pwn at MW2 thats fo shizzle

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