I Know What I'm Doing This Weekend

All the screenshots and box art in the world can't match the sizzle of having the actual game resting in your hand. Look for our review on Monday.


    oh hey there you sexy little tease! You look nice, im sorry i cant buy you until later this year but damn you are HOT

    Whu musy you push it in our faces? As if the big GOWIII blowout wasn't enough, this just pushed me over the edge. Looking forward to the review

    You son of a bitch...

    You lucky bastard

    Oh, you cock-teasing bastard...

    Find out if stuff has been taken out in order to comply with our censorship laws.

      He's an american - he won't have had anything taken out.

      Nothing's been cut in the Australian version.

    that's the best looking game cover i've ever seen....

    the blood has been replaced with spawning kittens, and all swearing is replaced with advertisements for an American household cleaning product.

    why are you doing this to us?

    You must have to be an Uber Nerd to get an advanced copy this early

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