I Like To Keep This Handy, For Close Encounters

Let's say you're about to go out on a mission, and you're a little unsure. Is this a straight-up fight, or just another bug hunt? Best way to be prepared is to take a full-size pulse rifle with you.

This is the "Aliens Hero Pulse Rifle", from Hollywood Collectibles. It's 1:1 scale. It's made entirely from metal. You can remove the magazine, then when you put it back in, the LED counter resets to "95". The grenade launcher "pump handle" works. The shoulder stock retracts. It even comes with a plaque looking like it was ripped straight from the corridors of LV-426.

Course, all that comes at a price, and at $US900 when released later this quarter, it'll be a price too steep for most of you. Then again, if you got into Aliens vs Predator, and anticipate getting into Aliens: Colonial Marine, it might be just the accessory to sling over your shoulder while whimpering in the dark.

[via Tomopop]


    not to mention that if it looks anything like a gun us aussie's can't have it :P

      Wrong, you just have to inform customs before shipping it.

        And live in Western Australia...

          Hey.. who knows what may be lurking in them mines...

    FWIW the quote about keeping it for close encounters is Hicks referring to his shotgun.

    That thing is sick, and yeah JDJ, glad someone else picked that up =P

    Another bug hunt?

    That's Starship Troopers, not Alien.

      No Hudson says "Is this another bug hunt, Sir" while they are getting briefed on the ship at the start.

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