Insomniac Working On Two Games Right Now, Won't Say What

Big speculation is that tomorrow's "surprise Sony Sequel" is Resistance 3, but if it is - a) Insomniac's community manager is not saying and b) even if it were, the studio is also working on a second game.

"If you're hoping that I will announce a future title here, you will be disappointed," writes James Stevenson, the studio's senior community manager. "That will not prevent me from telling you that we are busy working here on some really cool stuff that we can't wait to show you."

Stevenson said everybody took a breather after Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and then came back to "ramp up on other projects, and are currently underway on more than one game right now".

Resistance 3, especially in light of that billboard spied down around Louisiana back in October, is a leading candidate for tomorrow's announce, but hardly qualifies as a surprise. Then again, that sign was supposedly used for background in a movie due out in 2011. But if Sony's talking surprise sequels, Insomniac is an obvious suspect, and we just doubled the number of games they're known to be cranking on right now.

Community Update Blog: What's going on at Insomniac? (Part 1 of 2) [Insomniac]


    I got Resistance 2 first day, and the game was lacking substance, those huge boss battles they tease in the trailers turned out to be nothing more than shooting a rocket at the right place at the right time. The game is also linear as hell and is unimaginative. But it sure does look nice.

    Ratchet and clank in the other hand was awesome, I would much rather have that be the big announcement than this.

    Over at the NeoGAF forum, it's been confirmed that the "Surprise Sony" game isn't an Insomniac game.

    James Stevenson himself commented over there that he knows what game it is, but not one of theirs...

    Besides, Resistance 3 is a given, especially from from we have seen in the past...

    God I hope one of them's a new R&C.

    I love R&C and all. But I really hope they take a rest from it for a while. The most recent one was a little disapointing and I don't want it to lose it's soul like so many other yearly franchise games.

      What? ACiT was the best of all ratchet and clank games ever!
      I agree though, they should make a rest.

      Resistance 2 was OK, but I'd much rather Infamous 2 or jak and Daxter ps3

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