Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Erotic Games?

Imagine how much this collection costs! As seen on Sankaku Complex (NSFW).


    "Is there such a thing as too many erotic games?"


    Atleast you always have something new to...

    I wonder if you put a black light in there how much that whole rack would glow...
    ... on second thought no i don't...

    Oh my...
    My god, where have you been all this time?

    Lonely people..

    “Is there such a thing as too many erotic games?”


    Must have cost a lot.
    Wonder how big his non-erotic games collection is.

    Damn, I really do have too much pr0n? Looking at this sizes up my entire porn (digital) collection, and this is small fry compared to it...

    Wonder how many of them the guy has 100% completed


    Reminds me of Barney stinsons Apartment. Saaay, you don't think....

    How much cream has he bought?

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