Is This The Release Date For Dragon Age 2?

Is This The Release Date For Dragon Age 2?

A blood dragon-emblazoned card tucked within retail copies of the Dragon Age Origins: Awakening expansion suggests that February 1, 2011 is a date of some importance to BioWare’s latest RPG franchise. Is this the release date for Dragon Age 2?

The card is definitely dating something, but isn’t it a bit early to reveal a release date for Dragon Age 2? Perhaps not, especially when you consider that EA already revealed that a follow-up to last year’s hit role-playing game would be heading our way in the first quarter of 2011, along with Dead Space 2. February 1st certainly falls within that time frame.

We’ve pinged BioWare for confirmation of the date’s meaning.

As for further information regarding upcoming sequel, our Stephen Totilo inquired about it while speaking with BioWare’s Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzkya at GDC last week, but the pair declined to divulge any details.


  • Hrmmm, it is a bit soon. I read in Gameinformer that they want to improve their engine and make it look sexy. I think maybe another expansion perhaps?

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