It's A Beautiful Knight For Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

BioWare reveals yet another new character coming in the Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening expansion pack, as the lovely knight of the Order Mhairi pledges herself to your cause.

Mhairi grew up fascinated by tales of kings and nobles, skipping out on her betrothal at the age of sixteen to join the king's army and fight for the good of all Ferelden. While the tragic events at the beginning of Dragon Age left her stunned, she's since recovered and ready to grant her sword and shield in defence of Ferelden once again.

Mhairi joins previously announced companions Velanna, Anders and Sigrun. Out of all of them, I'd bet she'll look the best in that Blood Dragon armour.


    there so wasnt any partial nudity in that clip

    Terrible name, though. Sounds like she's from a US trailer park along with her friends Kaytii and Lhisah.

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