Jamie Foxx Joins Kane & Lynch Flick

In 2008, actor star Bruce Willis, known for his Die Hard films, signed on to play mercenary Adam "Kane" Marcus, who with batshit insane partner James Lynch is out to retrieve a stolen microchip. He now has a co-star.

Veteran stunt coordinator Simon Crane will make his directing debut and helm the picture, and scribe Kyle Ward will pen the script. (Ward is also writing the big screen version of adventure game Uncharted.) "The script has been incredibly well-received around town," producer Adrian Askarieh said in 2009. "After Bruce Willis read it, he called it one of the best action scripts he's ever read, and Bruce is an expert in terms of action scripts because he's read everything over the last 20 years."

Billy Bob Thornton has long been rumoured to play Kane's crazy partner, James Lynch. According to Variety, however, Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx has signed on to play the role. The character is white in the video game, which might be inspired casting on the part of the films' producers as it puts the film in a long line of black-guy/white-guy buddy flicks like 48 Hours and Lethal Weapon. Or it could just be that Jamie Foxx is not only a superstar, but also a talented actor.

The film goes into production this August.

Jamie Foxx in play for 'Kane and Lynch' [Variety Thanks, Jay!][Pic, Pic]


    Worst. Casting. Ever.

    And to whoever says 'race doesnt matter' yes it does.

    I'll now go recast Malcolm X with Jack Black in the lead role and you can tell me it doesn't matter...

      agreed. although i'm a little interested to see where this goes, i just don't think foxx has skill to pull it off.

      but give me an ol' pro like billy bob, ooh i'd jump into bed with him any day.

        I suppose Jamie Foxx could just taste those meaty leading man parts in his mouth.

      Amen to that.
      This casting is just...ridiculous.

      I'm not overly concerned though. I couldn't get into K&L.

        I've had people say to me that I'm racist for my views on the topic, but that's pure baloney and hogwash.

        It's not a racial issue. It's a common sense issue. Like I said before, if I were saying 'Lets cast Jack Black as Malcolm X, or lets cast Samuel Jackson as Bruce Lee!' I can tell you now, the FURY that would be evoked from people?

        But it's all good people... remember, race doesn't matter... colour of the skin doesn't matter... all that matters is acting chops right?


        My biggest gripe, is that if you're casting, cast appropriately. If you're casting a known character, fictional or real, cast someone who LOOKS like them. Or can be made to look like them.

        I mean originally Billy Bob Thornton was in talks, they really should've tried to hold onto him, that was perfect casting right there! Jeez.

        Oh god the last time they tried 'creative casting' we got Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin in Daredevil... then again he was the least of the problems with that movie.

          So getting an African American to play a bad caucasian video game character is on the same level as getting a caucasian to portray one of the greatest American civil libertarians of the past century? You tool. You utter, utter tool.

      Your example is terrible.

    Putting aside the fact Kane is white, Jamie Foxx plays the same character (himself) in every movie. Why can't Bruce Willis play Kane.

    I guess it doesn't matter how good the script is now seeing as how it's going to be Jamie Foxx and Lynch.

      Dude willis IS playing Kane. Foxx is playing LYNCH... O_o

    I dunno guys he might suit the role well, he's a pretty diverse actor. I still remember the day when I heard Heath Ledger was going to play the Joker in the Dark Knight and I cringed - I thought it was the worst decision ever and being a big fan of Batman Begins it was kind of a massive let down... but god did he pull it off.

    Watch The Soloist with Jamie Foxx, not the best movie, but he pulled off the crazy part VERY well lol Still in a perfect world Bruce Willis and Billy Bob would have looked the part - but thats kinda been done (Bandits anyone?)

    There's always the possibility that he'll put in a good performance - then there's also creative and artistic integrity for the director. If they think Foxx did the best audition then its up to them - Billy Bob probably didn't even look at it twice (if at all).

    Although I also don't want to see it become another white guy/black guy duo movie. The list of those is apalling. It also just makes me think the writer/director/producer is trapped in the 80's where that was an interesting dynamic.

    Lawl. This is like Max Payne. The character Jim Bravura is a fat old white guy. So who did they get to play him? That's right Ludacris

    ahem, let me get this right, they got a black guy to play a character named lynch. good work hollywood.

    I had high hopes because the game had such a good story. Bruce Willis was fine. If Jaime Foxx plays Lynch the movie is dead!

    What kind of drugs are these people on because they have clearly lost their minds. You just can't do something like that and expect people to still pay to see it. Would anyone have gone to see Tomb Raider for example if they had say Jada Pinkett-Smith in the title role and not Angelina Jolie or The Super Mario Bros. Movie with Dennis Hopper as Bowser instead of... oh wait.

    This is exactly the kind of thing that screws a movie up... That and Uwe Boll

    Judging from the above photo, I will say though, that if something unfortunate were to ever happen to Sam Jackson that sees him unable to reprise his role as Nick Fury (see:falls down the stairs during production, whaja think I was gonna say?), Foxx gets my vote to replace him... unless that is, they wanna get Bruce Willis instead; he's bald, and that should be enough, right..? Don't want this turning into a RACE-thing.

    *over exaggerated wink*

    On a side note I just found out (on wikipedia) that John Leguizamo (I think I got the spelling right) who was Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now doing the voice for Yoshi in the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy 2. I don't like that idea at all.

    I didn't think this movie could FAIL any harder. I was wrong.

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