Joanna Dark Returns, GTA: San Andreas Goes Cheap On XBLA This Week

Perfect Dark keeps Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade Block Party going, with the re-release of Rare's 10-year-old first-person shooter hitting the Xbox 360 this Wednesday. Also, available, damn good deals on Xbox Originals.

If you're looking to spend exactly 800 Microsoft Points on downloadable video games this week, you have four new choices: Perfect Dark in semi-spectacular HD, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Fable and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne.


    Damn man 800pts for San Andreas!?

    THAT is some incredible value right there.

    I read somewhere that Major Nelson said Perfect Dark would only be 400pts... Knew it was too good to be true.

      Wow, 800m$ points for an awesome game, what a rip off!

      Are you kidding?. 800pts is a steal, it was originally rumoured to be 1200. I'd pay 2x that for PD HD.

    Oh I am so amazingly excited for Perfect Dark
    I wish it was out now.

    Even though it says Wednesday, I assume that's Thursday for us Australians ?

    Perfect Dark looking pretty good :)

    Thats a pretty good price if you buy online. Otherwise you may as well get the physical versions. As most of the last gen are that price in EB pre-owned and Perfect Dark 64 at a pawn shop like cashies for $15-20. I suppose somehow you need to factor the convenience of it being on your HDD too.

    Thats about $10 if you buy online

    (1000 MS points @ $16 (last time i checked?) on Live

    About $18 if you buy a card in-store.

    (1500 MS points card @ $25)

    Wait... ignore me.... so tired... stupid daylight savings...

    And some serious download cap usage. But it really is tremendous value!

      I don't see this point coming up often enough. I think gamers are starting to move into high capped plans but I think this should still be a large factor in Direct Download based games, like those from Steam. We don't have the kind of internet here that they do overseas.

      I personally have a 10gb on peak, 100gb offpeak which is more than enough, but feel sorry for any of the younger gamers out there who's parents dont want to pay for a larger cap.

    The question is....

    Is it the censored GTA San Andreas we get or the uncut version?

    Mr Wildgoose and co. Any word?

    I own four copies of San Andreas so far.
    PS2 twice over, as someone stole the first one.
    Then that very game killed my PS2, so I got it for the Xbox. Then on PC when it released.

    Never found that damned Bigfoots man..

    DEF getting Perfect Dark! See you guys online! Ill be Oddjob! Bwahahahahah!

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