Joe Danger Leaps Fearlessly Onto The PlayStation 3

Joe Danger, a game about a man called Joe, who faces danger, is one of the most high profile games in this year's Independent Games Festival awards. And it's coming to the PlayStation 3.

Yes, all this time people had been growing slowly, and gently excited by his adorable brand of stuntmanship, they'd been doing so without knowledge of what platform he'd be appearing on. Some expected/feared Wii, others PC, others still Xbox Live Arcade, but no, it's a PlayStation Network title. My own bets of a last-minute N-Gage revival have cost me money.

Just think, had it paid off, the world's last retail N-Gage game box would have said "Joe Danger!", and underneath, "Quotable Accolade! - Kotaku".


    So is it a PS3 Exclusive or will it also be on X360?
    My friend did see a video with the button commands using X360.

    I would have no hesitation in betting it will come to at least PC or 360 - maybe both.

    Being an Indie game, they would wanna offer it to as many people as possible. And i would much prefer it on the 360.
    Looks fun though - i may have to check it out on the PSN if they show no 360 love. It WOULD be the first PSN title i've ever played or purchased.

      My bad - wanted to see what screen you referring to in the newest article about Joe Danger and posted my reply to this...

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