Just Cause 2 PC Loves On NVIDIA

Square Enix London Studios dropped us this video to show off how pretty Just Cause 2 can be when running on a PC equipped with NVIDIA's latest graphics hardware.

I'm not all that familiar with NVIDIA's CUDA technology, and Bokeh lens techniques mean absolutely nothing to me, but I do know a very pretty game when I see one. NVIDIA and developer Avalanche worked together to incorporate advanced technology into Just Cause 2, and the end result of their collaboration is quite lovely.

"Just Cause 2 is one of the most visually advanced PC titles ever created," said Lee Singleton, General Manager of Square Enix London Studios. "Working closely with NVIDIA has enabled us to add support for some of the latest PC technologies and help make Just Cause 2 one unforgettable experience."

And now I am torn. On one hand, the PC version of Just Cause 2 looks amazing. On the other hand, I really enjoy my couch. Decisions, decisions.


    I'm torn too, can't decide between the better intamacy of playing on my PC or kicking back on the coach in front of the 50 inch Pio plasma. Flip a coin perhaps?

    I'm gonna go with console, lol... I think despite the few extra graphical settings (all of those things are in the console version, just scaled down) it's not worth playing on my fecking notebook which probably wouldn't be powerful enough anyway. That and I truly believe that this kind of game is best played with a game pad.

    its a shame the pc version won't have GFWL support... now i just gotta decide like the rest of u...

    27" screen or 60" screen... lol

    i'd say it'd have decent enough controller support on pc... tis a tough choice!

    Easy. i7920 @ 3.8GHZ w/ GTX 275 with DVI to HDMI to 50" G10 Panasonic Plasma & wireless keyboard and mouse. Best of both worlds!

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