Just Cause 2 Won't Have Multiplayer, Just 'Cause

The director of Just Cause 2 is loud and proud about the fact they built a single-player game, and shut down thoughts that they could be cooking up multiplayer downloadable content for this game.

Still, Magnus Nedfors told Eurogamer that his studio, Avalanche, has had "lots of good ideas" for a multiplayer Just Cause, but it would likely be realised in a completely different future version, not as an add-on to this one.

"There is no current plan for DLC allowing co-op gameplay," he said in a reader Q&A. "I'm sorry. We opted from the beginning to make a single-player game. Adding multiplayer would have meant limits on what we could achieve. I personally – not the company – think single-player games are great fun and there is an audience for that. A game can be good without multiplayer support."

That doesn't mean there will be no DLC support for Just Cause 2. We just don't know what it will be yet. Other than not multiplayer, that is.

Just Cause 2 [Eurogamer]


    I got this on pre-order. Looks so freakin' cool

    I can appreciate that they put more focus into making sure their single player experience was the best it could be, rather than tacking on some half-baked multiplayer element. Though that said, the prospect of two-man stunts...

    About. God-Damn. Time.

    Not everyone plays multiplayer, and I'm a little tired of paying for a game I'm only half using.

    I respect that they want to make it a singleplayer experience, but this is the kind of game that's just begging for Crackdown style co op...

    I can do without multiplayer, but multi-grapples would be epic.. the limit of one grapple cable at a time seriously limits the fun potential. I'd also like to be able to pick up and move those flaming cannisters...

    Also have it on pre-order... hoping against hope that I can upgrade my grapple to allow multiple cables, cannister chain anybody?

    Between my housemate and I, we feel this game NEEDS co-op, even if they disable missions to do so. Half of the vehicles in the game require a gunner in a seperate position as is and the idea of doing some crazy stunts would have me paying whatever was demanded.

    Such a fun game, best sandbox game EVER.

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