Kiss Me, I'm An Irish Video Game Character

It's Saint Patrick's Day, and before we get around to drinking ourselves into a stupor and starting fights with inanimate objects, we're taking a moment to celebrate our favourite fightin' Irish video game characters.

Did you know Anna and Nina Williams were Irish? What about M. Bison? While several of the more prominent Irish video game characters are quite obvious, as is the case with The Saboteur's Sean Devlin, others will give your Gae-dar a real work out.

Now that we've shared ours with you, it's time to share yours with us, while you still possess the manual dexterity to type. Seeing as it's already 2:30PM Eastern, we're quickly running out of time.

Anna and Nina Williams (Tekken)

Irish siblings who enjoy beating the living crap out of each other? That never happens.

M. Bison (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li)

Like it or not, the worst of the two live action Street Fighter movies established the vile M. Bison as the abandoned child of Irish missionaries. I suppose this was supposed to make him a sympathetic character. Like many aspects of the film, it didn't work.

Sean Devlin (The Saboteur)

Sean Devlin is the very spirit of Ireland, ripping the Nazi's a new one in World War II Paris in The Saboteur.

Harman Smith (Killer 7)

This wheelchair-bound Irish assassin and star of Killer 7 has seven split personalities, so he counts seven times over.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Packie McReary

Aran Ryan (Super Punch-Out!!, Wii Punch-Out!!)

A crafty, cheating Irishman who continuously flaunt breaking the rules of the boxing ring in Nintendo's Punch-Out!! series.

Cu Chulainn (Shin Megami Tensei Series)

The greatest mortal hero of Irish mythology, Cu Chulainn appears in multiple titles in Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei series as a reoccurring demon.


    Father James O'Flaherty from Koudelka (Shadow Hearts prequel).

    Atlas from Bioshock was "Irish".

    Way to spoil killer 7 for me, assholes.

      Don't you have that info right from the beginning of the game?


    Why is there a generic Punch-Out!! multiplayer shot, not an Aran Ryan screenshot?

    I find The Saboteur a bit hard to believe, not sure many Irishman would have helped the British during WW2 as they still had the English invasion fresh on their minds. So to Sean Devlin all I have to say is you loyalist bastard. *shakes fist* ;)

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