Kneel Before The Hardcore Gamer's IQ Test

It's Saturday morning and you're not sure what to do? Here, take this. It should keep you nice and occupied until Monday. As seen on DeviantArt.


    Well two games on here that never came out are Starcraft Ghost and Duke Nukem Forever (whatever the Duke Nukem game is called)

    Some of these characters dont have names though (like the CS counter terrorist). Also a lot of the characters are pretty exist in many games so its tough to narrow down to any one particular game from which that image is taken. In a lot of cases, these character images aren't from a particular game but are pre-rendered promotional pictures too.

    Wouldn't it be funny if Duke Nukem Forever was actually Halo.

    Super BC Kid FTW!!! The anti-Mario. Sweet game.

    In about 20mins, I got 130 titles. At first I wasn't doing multiples, only series. I think I have more know more than this, but these are only ones that I was absolutely certain of.

    Pretty fun though :P

    So awesome. They even included the Descent Ship =)

    On first glance I could name roughly 60-70% of the characters and their respective games in that image.

    Doing the whole thing though, man that's like a good few hours of staring at your monitor and making notes >_>

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