Kotaku Census 2010: The Consoles You Own

All week long, we'll be running Kotaku Census 2010, where we ask you a ton of questions, and you answer them. Our first polls are now up, and want to know all about the consoles you own.

Consoles, handhelds, whatever you own and in whatever combination you own them in, the ones that work and the ones that don't, the ones you play and the ones you won't, let us know in the polls below.

In response to some queries stemming from the original announcement post, I'd also like to point out this is in no ways related to advertising. We're not passing this onto our ad team, it's not being sponsored by anyone, nor is it being used by any company as market research.

It's by us, for us, and for you. That's it. And when the dust settles next week, we should have a very interesting set of results.


Which Current Generation Home Consoles Do You Own?

Which consoles do you currently own? We'd like to know. We've provided all possible ownership options, from a single console to all three, and all possible combinations in between.

Which Current Generation Handheld Devices Do You Own?

Which handhelds do you currently own? We'd like to know. We've provided all possible ownership options, from a single handheld to all three, and all possible combinations in between.

Which Version Of The Nintendo DS Do You Own?

If you own a Nintendo DS, which of the handheld's four variants do you own? If you've owned more than one, what was the first one you bought?

Which Version Of The PlayStation Portable Do You Own?

Same question, only for the PSP. If you've owned more than one, what was the first one you bought?

Which Version Of The Xbox 360 Do You Own?

There have been a few types of Xbox 360 launch over the years, so which one do you own? If you've owned more than one, what was the first version you bought?

Which Version Of The PlayStation 3 Do You Own?

So many PlayStation 3 models, so little time on the market. Which one sits under your TV set? If you've owned more than one, what was the first version you bought?

How Many Xbox 360 Consoles Have Died On You?

This one goes out to all the 360 owners out there. For many years the console suffered from poor reliability, users complaining of everything from red rings of death to busted DVD drives to machines that would scratch discs. We'd like to know how many consoles, if any, you've had to return to Microsoft (or simply throw away) for whatever reason. Please only answer if you have ever owned an Xbox 360.

Have You Had A Wii Or PlayStation 3 Die On You?

Compared to the 360's problems, the Wii and PS3 have had led relatively hassle-free lives so far, their rate of mechanical failure seemingly in line with that of any other consumer product. Still, in the interests of fair play, we'd like to know if you've ever had to return (or throw away) a PS3 or Wii due to a malfunction. Please only answer if you have ever owned a PS3 or Wii.

Have You Sold A Current Generation Console Or Handheld?

This industry is always keen to find out how many times somebody gets hold of a console, but not so often do we hear about consumers getting rid of them. So we'd like to know, have you ever sold your Wii, PS3, 360, DS or PSP?

Do You Still Use Your Wii?

It's sometimes the elephant in the room when talk of the Wii comes up, so we may as well get the discussion out in the open: do you still use your Wii? At all? Or is it sitting in some closet, or gathering dust under the spare television in the spare room?

And that's it for now! Stay tuned tomorrow for more, when we'll be asking you a whole bunch of new questions which have nothing to do with which consoles you own. If you want to bookmark a central repository where all this stuff is going to wind up, this is the place.


    Umm, some of the questions while referring to earlier questions do not take note of the answers to those questions.

    I don't own a xbox but was still asked what model & how many times it died on me.

    I'd be interested in how many current gen owners still have previous-gen consoles, eg I have a 360 and a PS2 and play both.

      Does it count if you're a collector of old consoles? :)

        I'd say it's for any consoles you still play. Don't see how it can be done with this style of poll though, since there are WAY too many consoles/handhelds to list.

          I have soooo many ancient consoles (^^) I love it.

          I actually own all nintendo consoles =P (after NES) with some preferals

    Done and done.

    cheers for the last question i would love to know how many wiis are now a door stop

    This census doesn't really make any sense as you don't have to answer them all.

      The Wii at home stopped being a dustcatcher last night when my mate came home with Rugby League 3.

    I no longer own a Wii or DS. The poll doesn't allow somehow for specifics of breaking up with a console or console manufacturer.

    To me, there's a key option missing in the "have you sold a console" question: "Upgraded to a newer model."

    I did sell my first 360, but not because I didn't play it anymore or because I needed the money. I won an Elite, and I'm going to guess that there's a fair amount of people who have sold an earlier version of a console to get a newer one (DS in particular). This was a pretty good set of questions, but that one missing answer seems like a glaring omission.

    Done and done.

    I'm betting that i will be the only person who owns a 20 gig launch xbox 360 that has never died...

      I still have a 20g console with mfg date in early 2006 and is still going strong. I did get a RROD on it but the Xclap fix did the trick. The qquestion should have been how many RROD have I fixed, I have done 3-4 recently... for others.

      I would also be interested in a question about modding. I would be very interested to understand of all of those consoles, who has a modded one... Not to glorify the piracy movement, but to get an honest and open data about how common it really is. I think i am the only person with an unmodded PSP...

    I would have liked this census to factor in the PC.

    I own a ps3 and a pc and i use the pc for 95% of gaming

      Agreed. I hope it's covered later. Would be stupid to leave it out.

      This isn't the whole census, just a part of it dedicated to consoles.

    Three notes. First. I've had one 360 break on me two times. Admittedly my it was my fault for keeping in a poorly ventilated area during summer. Both times Microsoft repaired (not replaced) the console within two weeks.
    Second. I have technically sold a 360 but it was only because I had a spare, my friend needed one and I was upgrading to an Elite. So basically I had two 360s, a Pro and an Arcade, brought an Elite and sold the Arcade. I now have an Elite as my main and my old Pro as a standby for when friends come over and we need to use system link for co-op.
    Third. My PS3, like most others, broke the other day with the leapyear bug. I didn't count that as 'broken' seeing as its not broken anymore.

    handhelds - including iphone, but not android phones? would it be better as 'smartphone'?
    Also, sold one xbox360 because I wanted to get a new limited edition - so I have technically sold one, but havent dumped the brand.

    My friend was insisting I was a hardcore gamer yet I only have a Wii and my computer is six years old...Is it possible to be a hardcore gamer when all I have are those?

    The last question doesn't accurately cover me. I answered Yes, but only occasionally. But my Wii is also gathering dust. It would probably still be gathering dust if I answered Yes, I play it all the time.

    Good to see a survey, hopefully, you guys make it bigger and better each year. Is this the first? Either way I think their is plenty of room for more indepth questions, like games, network playing, Fav genre, piracy, hacking, homebrew, cost vs benifit etc...

    cant wait to see some results.

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