Kotaku Census 2010: The Results (In Full)

As you know, the results of our little Kotaku Census are in. And while infographics are pretty, I also promised I'd give you the results in full. So here they are!

On the whole, they're great reading.

While some questions presented predictable results, and some didn't really tell us much (the "genres" question was multi-choice, but the results indicate many people didn't select multiple genres), most provide a nice insight into your likes and dislikes, and some even go so far as to surprise the crap out of us.

There were also a few polls that suffered from the odd oversight or two. No Chinatown Wars in the GTA post, for example. For that, I am sorry. I am but one man, not an entire census bureau.

Below you'll find the results of every poll we ran last week (to see the charts in more detail, click on them). In the interests of transparency, I've published not just the raw results, but also the number of participants in each set, lifted straight from our polling software.

As you'll see, the average number of responses we had for each question was usually between 20-30,000, an incredible number, and one which gives these results one hell of a sample group.

Please note that this census was in no way prompted, promoted or requested by any marketing agency, advertising team or video game publisher. We came up with these questions ourselves, in an effort to not just get to know your feelings on a range of subjects, but to inform you on the opinions of your peers/friends as well.

We know it's not hard science. And we're not trying to pass these results off as some representation of the average video gamer, either. What they are is a study in the habits of you, the reader of Kotaku. That's it. So enjoy!


Key Findings:

- 65% of you own multiple consoles, while a quarter of participating Kotaku readers are in possession of all three current generation machines.

- Only 5% of participating readers own a PSPgo console. Sorry, Sony.

- 66% of participating readers have reported that at least one Xbox 360 console has failed on them, while 32% report multiple failures.


Key Findings:

- 51% of participating readers have pirated a console game

- 40% of participating readers have pirated a handheld game

- 79% of participating readers have pirated a PC game. 79%!


Key Findings:

- 42% of you don't play any kind of MMO whatsoever.

- 78% of participating readers have bought games digitally.

- Steam dominates the digital download market amongst participating Kotaku readers

- Only 19% of you can play Crysis as nature intended.

- Only 6% of participating readers are PC snobs, 94% of you playing games on at least one other system.

- A lot more of you would take Valve over Blizzard.


Key Findings:

- You prefer Mass Effect to Halo.

- Asking for "favourite franchise" on PC was a stupid idea.

- You prefer Zelda to Mario

- Smash Bros. is more popular a fighting game than Street Fighter amongst participating Kotaku readers.

- Modern Warfare 2 may have the sales records, but its predecessor is your favourite Call of Duty game.


Key Findings:

- You play an astonishing variety of games.

- Nearly 60% of participating readers don't play any kind of sports game. That's surprising.

- 46% of you spend most of your time alone, with singleplayer games.

- Nearly half of participating readers have packed their music game instruments away, no longer playing games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero.

Once again, and for the last time, thanks for taking part! We had fun putting this together, and have picked up that you had fun answering them, so who knows, maybe you'll see something like this from us a little more often...


    This kind of thing always fascinates me, as it gives me a greater appreciation for the gaming culture that I am a part of.

    Damn its depressing to see how few flight sim fans there seem to be. We're a dying breed it seems.

      That and shmups; I'd have thought they'd be a lot more popular.

      I'm also very disappointed as to how low Metroid performed as favourite Nintendo series.

    Only 6% PC Snobs....I feel lonely.

      Yeah but we are above caring remember!

    Thanks for your work on this guys, I enjoyed participating and wouldn't mind doing it annually.

    Interesting stuff there. I think I must have the sturdiest 360 in existence because it is a launch machine and it hasn't broken yet; I even poured coffee on it!.
    How much longer do I have, I wonder...

      Maybe the coffee helped keep the heat sink on

    Did you guys do much to only allow 1 entry per individual? IP logs or something?

    I'm just curious because this is by far the largest video-game survey datapool that I have easy access to, and I'll probably use it for something at some point.

      Yeah, they did IP logs and a few other things that I can't remember to prevent doubles.

    Ah thank you. Im doing my dissertation on mod chips in next gen gaming and your piece on piracy will be a great resource for my research.

    Wow the single player vs multi player question surprised me. I was under the impression more people preffered mutli over single player these days.

    Give that 'other' was the leading answer to the 'why do you pirate' question, I'd be interested to see what the most common 'other' responses were.

      Mine was 'it was 15+ years ago and I was too young/stupid to have a solid understanding of the consequences of my stupidity'

      Id say the common response would be:

      I originally did it because i couldnt afford it, but now i do it because the DRM is so restrictive the pirated stuff is better ie:
      - no CD required,
      - can play multi,
      - dont have non-skippable cutscenes,
      - dont require internet connection etc

      I actually purchase games usually, then find them to be crippled so i download the pirated version!

    Well I know the reason why my friends and I pirate games:

    - We buy the games we love and play all the time or play online

    - We pirate everything else because we are gamer nerds and want to play everything even stuff that isn’t from our main interests and thus wouldn’t pay for.

    P.s. online stores ie steam make it way more convenient to pay for games. (cheaper too in AUS)

      When I pirate stuff, it's often to check if the game is decent or not. If it is, I'll end up buying it afterwards.
      I know people would argue that I should just play demos, but I don't think those really give an accurate representation of the actual game. There's no better way to judge if the game is worth the asking price than to play the entire thing.
      Let's take Aquaria, Valkyrie Profile, hell, even the original Starcraft I copied from a friend. I've gone on to buy all of those.

      Also as for the Steam matter, it might be getting there, but I'm still shitty about how they're charging Australians about $30 USD extra for the same game as they do in the USA (Borderlands, Bioshock 2, Modern Warfare 2, Metro 2033). 'Cause apparently it costs more to provide downloads for Australians or some crap.
      And companies wonder why Australians pirate so many games.

        Ye that’s a good point about Steam. Although correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t 50 bucks for BC2 close to the international price? I know some people payed 70 but it went up and down.

        The other only annoying thing about steam is that dont specifically say how big the download is, and most of us aussies are pretty limited with our crappy internet caps.

      Oh and I agree completely with Will.

    79% have pirated PC games. Not very surprising at all, as you may recall copying games in the 90's was quiet easy and widespread, it's a bit harder now tho, but definitely not impossible.

    I would have liked to have seen how many people had their PS3 die on them without having it mixed in with the Wii stuff. If you check the PS3 forums, the numbers seem to be increasing daily...

    If game decs would like to cut downon pricay, maybe they should start being fair in their price points, and demand fairness from retailers.
    As an Australian I take offence that Im stuck every time I want to buy a new release, you feel dirty and used.
    So from one abuse to another. Games make a tonne these days, and devs have a much wider audience base to sell to, why the hell we still paying these ridiculous prices?
    Game devs want their work to be considered art, well a lot of pirates feel that art should be available to everyone, regardless of if they are too poor to access it. Game devs and companies just widen the gap much farther.

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