Kotaku Census 2010: The Results

Last week, we ran a series of polls, asking you for your thoughts on everything from console ownership to piracy to your favourite gaming franchises. We now have the results.

You'll see the key findings represented here. It's far from everything, I know, but this is the best stuff, presented in a way that won't force you to crawl through an endless sea of pie charts and statistical findings.

For those who love a spot of crawling through an endless sea of pie charts and statistical findings, though, don't worry, we'll still be publishing the full results later this week.

We had between 20,000 and 30,000 people taking part in each question, making this one hell of a sample group. It's not indicative of the entire gaming community, of course, as nothing ever could be; it's a sample of the kind of people who read Kotaku. People like you!


    Good job guys, some nice information here.

    *kotaku now tracks your IP address.*

    The big surprise for me is that PSP-Go has 5% penetration among pollsters. Sony WISH they hit 1 in 20.

      It probably is that high among people who consider themselves gamers.

      It's just that the DS has such a huge penetration among people who don't. Sony hasn't attracted the non-gamer market with the PSP Go.

    Nice to see im not the only one that isn't really a fan of sports games. But i'm suppriesd that so many xbox 360's went RROD on unsuspecting kotaku readers. Don't have a xbox 360 so didn't think the problem was so prevalent.

      I'm gonna guess that based on the demographic polled by Kotaku, the Xbox failure rate indicated is higher than the general failure rate. Many Kotaku readers would likely have first bought an Xbox 360 during the original production run (like myself), which was inherently faulty - some consoles lasted a long time without the RRoD, but an alarmingly high number of these 'original' consoles had a problem with the hardware (something to do with foil left on the heat sink, or something like that). As newer 'versions' of the Xbox emerged, with different hardware, the failure rate has steadily declined.

      It doesn't say RROD.

      I'm on my 3rd, and none of them have RRODd.
      One ran so hot it warped the discs and the other was a brick straight out of the box.

        You have to take into account a lot of sony fanbois who have never owned an xbox probably would have voted for having a RRoD just for lols.

          haha and your not the 360 fanboy defending them

          one could also say that the people who answered the poll are 360 gamers

          since console pirating seemed to be pretty high to and its most rampart on the 360 followed by the wii(never seen anyone with pirated PS3 games but i assume they have to exsist somewhere)

          Flawed logic. Wouldn't 360 "fanboys" under-report at the same time?

            Well no, since xbox fanboys are the ones who hate the RROD the most, since they're the ones affected by it.

            i'm a 360 devotee myself, but i realize the limitations of the console, and the strengths of others.

            i've had 1 RROD, and while my console just died again, i have a feeling it had something to do with my house being STRUCK BY LIGHTNING!

            im surprised there hasen't been word of the storm that just hit perth on kotaku.

    i think EPIC FAIL was invented for the RROD

    yeah my xbox died after 3 and a bit years of complete trouble-free service. mustve played that thing for ridiculous hours a day so i cant complain. was quite happy just to get a new one. which after i traded my dead one etc back at game a new one + halo wars + halo odst + halo 3 was only $49!! pity halo is ass

    I always think I'm a fan of sports game. Then I buy one and realise I dont like them after the first day.

    Interesting stuff, especially considering the audience.

    59% Not playing a sports game is quite low, I would've thought. Shows that not all sports gamers just play sports games.

    Only 79% pirating a PC game?

    Obviously the other 21% are liars.

      20% liars, 1% don't know how to.

    Wasn't one of the questions about PS3 failure rates? I'd like to know that, since of the half a dozen people I know who own an Asia/Japan PS3 40gb, ALL have failed within 2 years. All.

      You can add me to the list of people with 40GB PS3s that have died. It's a sick joke on Sony's part, especially if you've checked their forums where their staff basically deny there's a problem and tell people to just send it in for repairs (while pretending to be normal people, in spite of the fact they clearly aren't). At least Microsoft owned up to the fact their hardware was faulty. I'm actually considering getting a 360 now they've fixed the problems. If the rumours of the slim are true, I'll consider it even more.

    Would be interesting to see more detailed results. Ie, actual numbers for all the questions. See how many questions were skipped by people, etc.

    Also the lack of Chinatown Wars as an option is still arse.

    the only reason the ps3 hasn't been pirated to any appreciable degree is cos we haven't worked out how to yet. but it'll happen eventually, probably when blu-ray becomes affordable

    Disappointed in the GTA results. Am I the only one that misses GTA 1/2? They were so much more fun than the other games, it felt like they took it a lot less seriously with kill frenzy's and the like. As much fun as it was when they finally took it into 3D it felt to me like they ripped out a lot of what made it GTA.

    San Andreas and Vice City were pretty good for trying to add something back in to keep it interesting, but they were still horribly linear, and don't get me started on GTA4. Why can't we have the rival gangs and choice of who to gain favour with and who to work for? Sure it would be a little extra writing as it always is with a non-linear storyline, but it would put some replayability into the plot. Also the storylines from the last few GTA games weren't all that impressive, some cool characters, but over-arching plots were pretty bland.

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