Kotaku Census 2010: You, Gamer

OK, we are done with the tangible stuff. The machines you own, the games you play. To finish off our census, we're going to dig a little deeper.

The final questions are about your tastes as a gamer. Where you play, what you play, who you play with, etc. So if you've bugged us about something earlier in the week, hopefully the question you were bugging us to ask is somewhere below.


Which Do You Prefer, Singleplayer Or Multiplayer?

What floats your boat? Do you like to get on Xbox Live and call people rude names? Or do you prefer the solitude of a dimly-lit room and a 5.1 sound system? Note that whether it's Call of Duty or World of Warcraft, if you're playing against other people, it's multiplayer

Does Your Partner Ever Play Games With You?

Got a girlfriend? Boyfriend? Fiancée? Husband? Wife? If so, let us know how the gaming goes between you.

What Kind Of Game Do You Play?

There are lots of kinds of games out there. You probably play more than one. So tell us, which do you play?

Do You Think Video Games Have An Adverse Effect On Your Health?

Some researchers say video games are bad for you. Some say they're good for you. What do you think, as somebody who actually plays the things? NOTE: this question allows for multiple answers.

Do You Play Games In An Arcade?

Ah, arcades. Once the treasured heart of video gaming, now stinky and deserted. Do you still visit arcades? Or are they dead to you?

Do You Play Sports Games?

I couldn't find another spot to ask this all week, so it goes in here. Sports games are often the black sheep of the gaming community, so we'd like to know, do you play them?

Do You Still Play Music Games?

A few years back, music games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Singstar were king. These days, the shine seems to have worn off. Do you still play your music games? Or do you look at that pile of plastic instruments in the corner of your living room and groan?

Do You Buy Video Game Magazines?

The world of video games uses to centre around the magazine, a monthly insight into everything you needed to know. These days, however, the internet, television and even games consoles themselves can bring you news and demos. So, in light of that, we'd like to know, do you still buy games magazines?

You know what. We're done here. That's it for the polls, and that's it for the questions. I'd just like to give a big thank you to everyone who took part, as I realise five days' worth of polls was a lot of questions to answer.

I'll be collating all the results and publishing them in a nice big report next week, so if you'd like to see how everyone voted, stay tuned!


    "Does Your Partner Ever Play Games With You?"
    Missing option: 'I don't have a partner' v,_v

      That usually means 'don't vote'



      I can see the little ewoks dancing in celebration. Emperor Atkintine has been dethroned. :P

    I think you should have added the option of saying "Never bought/played Music games anyway"
    I've never purchased one and i've played GH3 a few times, i could count how many times with two hands. Never played Rock Band and Singstar probably less than 10, maybe even 5 times the most.

    Other than that, never taken a real interest, especially in buying one of those games. It's not like EVERY gamer played them - their were a lot of casual/non-gamers who only owned a music game and thats all. I know 2 people who only had a Guitar Hero or Singstar game 2 years ago and thats all they had or still have.

      Probably means don't vote if you've never actually owned any.

    For "Do You Think Video Games Have An Adverse Effect On Your Health?" I put Yes, because every time I go outside I break some muscle in my foot. Glad I caught this Poll, I must have missed every other one.

    I think I clicked almost every genre in that survey. Except for a few. I have a game of almost every genre in my collection. I may not be into Forza, tried the demo and found the controls not to my liking. But I played Burnout Paradise nearly every day for a couple of months. I still bust it out for a few races every now and than.

    Still has that "do you/have you" problem. The questions are all present tense "Do you..." - and most of the way through there's no "I used to" option.

    And then at the end there's "Do you buy video games?" and the answer "I used to."

    Benefits/damages section was also pretty awfully worded. Should have been six separate questions: Do you believe games have an adverse impact on your health? Do you believe games have a positive impact on your health? Do you believe games have an adverse impact on your mental wellbeing? Do you believe games have an adverse impact on your mental welllbeing? Do you believe games help you develop new skills and cognitive abilities? Do you believe games carry educational benefits?

    The point being that it's possible and logical to answer "yes" to all those questions at once.

      Its "video game magazines"

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