Kotaku Off Topic: Garbanzo Bonanza

Welcome back to Kotaku Off Topic, the nightly not-always-about-video games post that is sometimes about pop culture, sometimes about current events, and sometimes about food.

The nightly Kotaku Off Topic post often hits as my dinner plans are forming, so forgive me for Twitter calibre "this is what I will be eating tonight" entries. But I'm actually fairly interested in other people's eating habits, whether people are overly carnivorous, vegan (like my older brother) or, in my case, one who is largely vegetarian not out of choice, but laziness. I'll eat the bejeezus out of a steak or some ribs, but pretty rarely, as I tend to prepare most of my meals quickly and without meat. Tonight, it's probably going to be some falafel.

If you want to talk about your eating habits and have a civil conversation with others who may have different food philosophies, please do so in the comments. If you want to talk about anything else, like these sundry internet things, you can do that too.


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