Kotaku Off Topic: Raw Thrills

It's the end of the week. and we're feeling a little "off topic" right now, so let's take a sharp turn from our regularly scheduled video game conversation and discuss other nerdy delights: film, music, comics, science, food, whatever you choose.

Me? I'm going to talk about food for a minute, which may be the new rule. Friday night is food night at Kotaku Off Topic. Any objections? Good! Because I've got a serious hankering for some injera and other Ethiopian delights. If you've never had it, it comes highly recommended, as Ethiopian (and Eretrean) foodstuffs are incredibly tasty. Great vegetarian options, but also my first experimentation with steak tartar.

Sadly - sort of - I think I'll be eating some homemade risotto tonight. Feel free to share with us your foody thoughts or provide alternate topics of discussion in the comments below. Here are a couple conversation starting freebies.


    I know the posting of URLs isn't usually permitted, but has anyone seen this?

    Now, it says he's not leaving until 2014. I don't know much about politics (because I do not recognise their supposed authority and don't give a rats arse full stop) but what does this mean for the chances of the R18+ category?

    Nothing for a few weeks, since the government hasn't been formed yet and there's a factional battle on the way.

    Factional battles usually mean they'll do deals to put people in the cabinet. But traditionally, you wouldn't expect someone from the left to get put up as the attorney general anyway.

    Still, we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

    Now, onto the important stuff: what the hell is on that plate?

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