Kotaku Off Topic: Taste The Happy

After a bummer of a day, maybe one not quite as roller coaster-y as yesterday, let's all shed tears of joy with some off-topic laid back conversation.

This weekend, I watched way too much Arrested Development on Hulu, a show that I've spent far too many hours of my life viewing again and again and again. Then I spent too much time reading the show's Wikipedia entry, which further educated me on some of the show's intricacies and helped me "get" more than a few jokes that initially went over my head.

Wikipedia is great for that and I often find myself dedicating a half hour or more bouncing around the site connecting random threads. I know I'm not the only one. Any time-wasting habits you'd like to share with the Kotaku Off Topic group? How about these off-topic nuggets?


    Go watch FX's Archer. animated spy conemy, made by an Arrested Development writer and features a bunch of the AD's cast as voice actors for various roles (Kitty plays a receptionist/assistant character, Lucil Bltuh plays Archers mother and George Senior plays a character in an episode too)

    I do the exact same thing on Wikipedia aye. Usually figuring out video game universes (ie for Half Life).

    On my second run through of Arrested Development right now. If any writing trumps that of AD I'll be pretty bloody impressed. I lost it completely during the episode where George Michael runs for student president and they play Gob's video.

    Love Arrested Development! You should check out Community, made by the same people, very funny show!

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