Kotaku Off Topic: We Can Relax Now, They Found The Universe

While we've been busy discussing video games, space scientists found the rest of the universe, and it wasn't behind the couch, as we last surmised.

This is my first time posting Kotaku Off Topic, so forgive me if I go astray. McWhertor is enjoying a day off, while I desperately attempt to get things done in advance of a weekend of work in Boston covering PAX East. I've got so much to do that it's swirling around me like a vortex, which inevitably sucks me up and deposits me on the couch, watching Comedy Central and eating things I left in the living room that are still edible (TM).

So while I attempt to resist couch gravity, you folks should carry on discussing the day's non-video game related events. Things like...


    They found the Universe??? Thank GOD! I was wondering where I left it!

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