Ladies, Here's How To Look Like A Space Vixen

This is a video guide on how to look like Miranda, one of the stars of sci-fi adventure Mass Effect 2. Not how to dress like her. How to actually look like her.

Leigh Ann, from Charisma +2, is the star here, showing the game's female fans (or the obsessed male fan with a patient partner) how to get their lips, eyes, face and hair looking just like the Mass Effect universe's most violent Australian.

As you can see comparing them (the in-game character is below), the results are pretty good! Course, it helps that Leigh Ann looks a bit like Miranda's actress, the delightful Yvonne Strahovski, to begin with, but still.

[via GameSetWatch]


    Step 1. Be Yvonne Strahovski.

    Step 2. Black hair dye.


    So I guess you're shit out of luck if you're a redhead then.

    Nobody likes Miranda...

      LOL, at least she's an improvement on ultra-racist Ashley:) Which was doubly puzzling when she bitched me down on Horizon for joining Cerberus :D

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