Lady Gaga Must Be A Command & Conquer Fan

A deadly cocktail of nerd poisons, featuring the toxic element from EA's Command & Conquer series combined with a few equally sly Dune and Star Wars references, as seen in Lady Gaga's (slightly NSFW) "Telephone" video. Thanks, Matt & Charles!

UPDATE: Link is working again.


    Someone point out the Dune reference?...

      I don't think they're referring to THIS particular screenshot of the video. I'm just ashamed that Quentin allowed the almighty Pussie Wagon to feature in that tacky piece of crap.
      The fact she is trying to outdo Michael makes me laugh, he must be rolling in his golden casket.

      You'd think with the money she is rolling around in now, she would have picked a better plastic surgeon. She seriously needs a new face!

      Meta cyanide was the toxin on the end of the Gom Jabbar in Dune.

      Fex M3 is the toxin in the darts used by Bounty Hunters in the Star Wars.

      And for any anime fans, the Japanese subtitle in the cafe actually says "One piece"

        ahhhh... now i see it :(

    Everytime I see that skank, I wanna barf.

    hahaha i love it

    Note also the Doom logo on the studded jacket when she answers the phone.

    I don't give a shit. She's still a horrible excuse for an artist.

    Well played Gaga, well played indeed. Trying to tap into the core gamer market with your hideous music and your alien esque shemale fashion sense... Unfortunately there is no way in hell we'd even remotely want to buy your wares unless you gave an alienware PC away with a purchase of you album but even then I'd be contemplating necking myself...

    Erm, how do I watch the video? getting "Vevo is not available in your country" message. Yay-Australia

    Hell, I even thought beyonce had more style than to feature in something like this. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TOOOOOOOO.

    squee :) Well, almost. I wonder if that'll get on MTV?
    8 sleeps to go 'till her Canberra show

      8 sleeps till you give away your genitals

        I think he lost them long ago.

          Well, I decided that seeing as I already have a kid, I didn't need them anymore.

    Lady Gaga is a genius

    that means the video editor from this music video is a c&c fan.. not lady gaga

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