Last Chance: Win Tickets To God of War 3 Event

Last Chance: Win Tickets To God of War 3 Event

Want to party with a couple God of War 3 developers like it’s 1999 B.C.? Kotaku has two tickets each for the 15 people who can think of the best interview questions for these two gents, about which we’ve got some more details.

[imgclear] And here they are!

Bruno Velazquez started his game career in 2002 after graduating at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California, with a Bachelors degree in Art Character Animation. He managed to combine his passion of animation and video games by starting his career working as a computer animator on various Playstation 2 titles. Some of his most notable titles include Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks and God of War 2. His path has taken him to work with some very talented teams in Midway games and Sony computer Entertainment over the past 8 years. Bruno is currently the Lead In-game Animator for God of War 3.

Jonathan Hawkins is a Senior Designer at Sony Santa Monica Studios. As a member of the original God of War team, Jonathan has been able to use his experience from working on the previous two God of War titles to create one of the most rich and memorable experiences video game players have seen to date. Prior to joining Sony Santa Monica Studios Jonathan attended the University of Southern California where he was actively involved in the USC Interactive Multimedia Club. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2003.

Kratos himself had to cancel due to a double-booking, but we suspect like most of the world he just piked to play God of War 3.

Keep in mind, to attend you’ll need to be able to make your own way to Sydney’s CBD on Thursday, and be over 18!

When: Thursday, March 25th, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm Where: Sydney CBD Age: 18+

You can leave your questions below, and we’ll be announcing the winners soon. Good luck!


  • Well I don’t know if you’re going to use the questions from the last post, so I’ll try some new ones.

    Jonathan, what were a few of the features or mechanics that you *really* focused on improving/adding in God of War 3, and, was there anything that just “accidentally” came together, and felt right without too much directed focus?

  • There are only 2 questions that needs to be asked…

    1) Who is the “other one”? it WASN’T the person named in this game, otherwise they would have named in the context of the statement.

    2) Where too from here? The ending was fantastic and is open to abit of interpretation, which I think was one of their goals. They would never be able to please everyone with a completely resolved ending. Kratos’ story has been told and a fitting ending but the world still does exist, that world will one day be able to tell a new story.

  • I’ve posted a few other questions, but I’d like to ask the designers what they did in GOW3 to try and keep the story and characters fresh. The concept of ‘the gods’ has been used in games before, and this is the third game we’re seeing Kratos, I’m curious to know where the focus on originality was most important to the design?


  • I am currently studying Animation however as much as I enjoy it, games, and their design have always been a passion of mine, one that seems almost unpursuable.

    Jonothan, can you shed some light on how you became a game designer? How did you get your ideas out of your head and into development?

  • As a developer, what impact do you see social gaming having on the gaming industry?

    Also, with your past experience making AAA-titles, what role in the future could social integration play beyond simple Twitter/Facebook status updates?

  • Some of the end killing animation is pretty brutal in GOW3, is there anything you originally thought of for an animation that was so nasty it needed to be pulled back/tamed down? What was one of the nastiest finishing moves you thought of?

  • Hi,

    Just would like to ask as GOD 3 is suppose to be the last of the series, what’s the future plan/direction seeing all the three are quite popular abd well received?

    • The reason is I noticed God of War III contains a reference to a mysterious ‘Spartans Stand Tall’ website?

  • Do you see a future for God Of War 4 and the new Playstation Move, or have you planned already how the new Move may be integrated into God of War 3 through a software upgrade?

  • Question:
    (Firstly congratulations to all on the series and the GoW3 release).
    Did you examine the possibility of using any of the actual mythology beyond a loose inspiration of the characters? Or was it just “We get Medusas, Minataurs and frickin’ Zeus as a boss to kill, awesome!” If you were doing it again how would you change it to make the plot less lame and up to the same standard of the game play, art & characters or do think plots are only for cemeteries (where only the luckier of Kratos’ victims will end up).

  • If you were to be killed by Kratos which way would you want to be killed and why?

    Who in the world would you get to play Kratos and why?

  • Did you think the God of War trilogy could have been this epic when you were busy on God of War 1?
    In the back of your mind were there ever doubts that the franchise would pick up?
    Do you think there are any decisions in GOW 2 that could have affected the overall success of the God of War Franchise?

  • Not sure if you are using the responses from the first post so I’ll put two more questions up here.

    1. Was there anything about the PS3 that made creating God of War III different to creating the prior God of Wars? E.g. graphics capability

    2. Were the animations for the game created by hand or did you use motion capture?

  • 1. Out of Golf, Soccer or MMA which sport would you like to see Kratos compete in today.

    2. Did you guys think that the MA 15 rating in Australia is appropriate for content in the game or do you think it is aimed at older people.

  • I usually can’t stand Quick Time Events in the games I play but God of War is the exception to that rule. How did you get it so right when others have got it so wrong?

  • Question –

    God of War 3 is obviously the third installment of a series. In what ways did you try to make this title player-friendly and attractive to people who haven’t picked up a God of War game before?

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