Left 4 Dead 2 DLC Won't Release This Month, Will Cost 560 MS Points

A video broadcast to U.K. Xbox Live subscribers confirms suspicions that Left 4 Dead 2's "The Passing" DLC won't be available by March 31, with the date moved to a more vague "Spring." But it will cost 560 Microsoft points.

The U.K.'s Xbox Live team says Valve officially confirmed the pushback and the price to them. Other details shared about the DLC: There'll be an M-60 anti-personnel rifle, (which Crecente alluded to earlier) that supplies heavy firepower but can't be reloaded. A golf club is added as a melee weapon. And you'll encounter a "bride version" of the Witch special infected.

Skip ahead to 0:48 of the video at the link to hear the news.

SENTUAMESSAGE in HD 27/03/10 PART 1 [YouTube, thanks Paradox Viper]


    Err, PC version is free, right? RIGHT?!?!?

    Won't cost a cent on the PC :P

    Ahh Valve how we love you.

      Love-hate relationship.

    M60? now we can have even more accurate renditions of GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA!

    They may say Valve officially told them the DLC was delayed... but I'd rather read/hear Valve's own words about a delay.

    Also, $7 for Game Modes, two weapons, L4D1 character models + voices, a new Witch skin and a three map campaign? What a deal :D

    It almost makes Crash Course look like a rip off :P

    Still waiting for the specially priced re-classified re-release of the uncensored Aussie Edition before I send another dollar to Valve.

      You'll be waiting a while then.. just because Atkinson is gone doesn't mean well have an R18+ rating any time soon..

      Besides.. why punish valve? How is the censored version in any way their fault? Its not.

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