Little Games On A Big Screen: DSi XL Versus DSi Graphics

Nintendo's DSi XL features a much bigger screen than its predecessor, but does that mean better or worse graphics?

We know, thanks to Nintendo's great Japanese ad, that it makes games bigger, but at what cost?

The DSi'x screen measures about 3.25 inches diagonally, while the DSi XL's is a whopping 4.2 inches. Unfortunately, both have the same resolution. I've been playing around with the DSi XL for part of a week and so far I love the added screen real estate, though there have been a couple of times where I felt that the graphics looked slightly more pixelated than how they looked on the DSi.

I don't have the most discerning eye, so I decided to shoot this video in a dark room, showing game play for a bunch of titles first on the DSi XL and then on the DSi. Every game featured here shows gameplay on both systems.

It looks like my eyes aren't deceiving me, that some of the games do get the short end of the graphic's stick when they're embiggened. What do you think?

Update: I begged the Gawker Video guys for help and Matt Toder was able to rework the video to show both from each game at the same time. The top is DSi XL, the bottom is DSi.

If you want to the see the original vid it's below:


    Graphically, it's no different. But the higher dot pitch on the LCD display will make the low native res of the DS more obvious.

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