Little Girl Wanted Pet Monkeys, Got Sprung Instead

Kara Petrich, a mother in Washington State, thought she was buying DS game Petz: Monkeyz House. The box said Petz: Monkeyz House. The cartridge did, too. The game itself was another type of monkey business altogether.

"You wanna rock my mountains, don't you?" says a character on the game, Kara tells Seattle's KOMO News. "(I was like) 'You wanna what?'"

After purchasing the title, Kara's daughter was complaining that the game didn't work. While the game might have been labelled E-rated Petz, the software itself was Teen dating simulator Sprung.

The game is rife with adult innuendo about sex, and Kara's daughter is only nine years old. "It does make me angry," Kara said. "When I'm ready to tell her (about the birds and the bees), I'll talk to her about it."

Mislabeled risqué video game gives 9-year-old an eyeful [KOMO Thanks, Trevor!]


    Sprung is an awful game.

      It blows ass! Your ass! My ass! Everyone's ass!

    lol in about 4 years time when her daughter asks she'll just tell her to play "monkeys house"

      Win, good sir.

    I hired a dvd from the local video place once, and the movie in the box wasnt the movie on the cover. Quick, I'd better go make this some bit of f'ing news.

    Something got mislabelled in production, really, who cares? Giving this story attention will probably just make ultra-conservatives come out saying "see, game manufacturers are trying to corrupt our youth!"

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