Live At PAX East: The 10 Best Games Of All Time?

Join us live at PAX East as Stephen Totilo, N'Gai Croal, and special guests help redefine the ten best video games of all time.

Here's the starting list, for you playing at home:

1. Legend of Zelda Ocarina 2. Super Mario Galaxy 3. GTA IV 4. Super Mario World. 5. Metroid Prime 6. SoulCalibur 7. The Orange Box 8. Uncharted 2 9 Super Metroid 10 Metal Gear Solid Gameboy

Kotaku PAX East Panel Liveblog


    Hooray for Zelda OoT, but GTA4? Really? I mean you can make your own fun for a little while and the detail in the world is impressive, but the gameplay got really repetitive, even the missions all felt the same.

    Also surprised by Soul Calibur, though I'm not a fan of fighting games and never played the original, only the more recent versions.

    I really hate top 10 games of all time lists

    I really really hate the fact that Uncharted 2 is on that list.

    So many things wrong with this list.
    OoT is a good game, but way too overrated.
    GTA IV.
    SoulCalibur? Really?
    The Orange Box is a collection of games that are very bland.
    Uncharted 2.
    Metal Gear Solid GAMEBOY. This is beyond pants on head retarded.
    Also, I love Metroid, but one game from the series is enough for a top 10 list.

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