Logan International Airport Thinks This Might Be A Bomb

Damn you Andrew Ryan! As seen in my carry-on luggage, which Logan Airport security looked at for a very long time.


    tell me they sell that andrew ryan to the public

    Of course... now, use the bottom screen and your stylus and connect the red wire to the terminal... then the blue then the...

    Sorry I'm thinking of Chinatown Wars :D

    Is a man not entitled to the figures in his carry-on luggage? No! Says the man at Airport security, it might be a bomb.

      @Nick Stone
      Big daddy is watching

    Awesome call Nick.

    42 Thumbs up.

    I thought they'd be too busy perving at women on the new "naked body" scanners they got going in everywhere. Maybe Logan hasn't received them yet?

    I my bagpipes through the scanner in Sydney International a few years ago.

    I've never seen airport security look so confused... put them through 3 times before they finaly asked what they were.

    I love the figure! Where can I get one?

    One thing I must ask though: Why do you have a pink DS? Im just curious.

    nick stone is a legend.

    The real problem with this picture is scribblenauts still in your DS case.

    Did anyone play this game for more than 1-2 hours?

      It's actually really good for flights! No idea why they think a sequel will sell though.

    ...Sir, you have a "suspicious" looking package.

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