LOVE Blooms In March

One-man development army Eskil Steenberg announced a March 25 release date for Love, his procedural online adventure game and perhaps the most ambitious video game ever made by a single person.

We've been following Love for quite some time with great interest. It's concept art graphics quickly catch the eye, but it's the technology behind the online adventure game that's the most impressive. Steenberg, working under company name Quel Solaar, built Love from the ground up, creating a new engine and several new technologies in order to make his vision come to life. Those technologies will be on display at the 2010 Game Developers Conference later this month.

Now the beta testing is coming to an end, and the game launches on March 25 for the PC, with OSX and LINUX versions planned. There will be a subscription fee to play, but it will likely be far less than Steenberg deserves for this amazing accomplishment.

Find out more about Love at the game's official website.


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