LunchTimeWaster: Hunting For Crystals

Redder is a terrific adventure platformer full of puzzles and exploration with sly winks towards Metroid, Knytt and Exile. There's really nothing you'd find more value in doing this lunchtime than playing it.

You play an astronaut (who looks like the guy from Exile) whose ship makes an unscheduled pitstop on a very red, alien planet. You explore a sprawling landscape to find energy crystals to power your ship.

The opening screen riffs on Metroid and invites you to start exploring to the right or to the left. You're unarmed, so the focus is on negotiating a route through the world and avoiding encounters with hostiles. Don't be afraid to jump off ledges into the screen below.

Can you find all the crystals this lunchtime?

Redder [Newgrounds]


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