LunchTimeWaster: Is This Why The Dinosaur Is Extinct?

Because it was so horrendously complicated for them to even move? If you like a punishing, needlessly difficult, impossible to control game that'll leave you whimpering in the corner, try this!

Dinosaurs Didn't Have Keyboards... is painful. To run, it requires you to tap four keys in sequence, repeatedly. To run in the opposite direction, you must tap another four keys in sequence, repeatedly.

To jump, you must hit one of each set of keys simultaneously.

I'm sure it gets even more ludicrous the further you get, but right now I'm just going off to cry.

Dinosaurs Didn't Have Keyboards... [Sophie Houlden]


    So its a race to the end of the course. I did it in 3:22 then 1:33 on the second run through. Not a bad game really.

    Beat it in 2 minutes, pretty easy.

    Finished in 5:48. Not to hard to run, but timing some of the jumps near the end was frustrating.

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