LunchTimeWaster: Naughty Shmup For Work

As the post headline's acronym hints at, this little shoot 'em up may not be entirely suitable for work. If you're offended by sexual allusions - not to mention blatant smut - then steer clear.

Starfeld starts out like a side-scrolling shooter on the Atari 2600, all bold blocks and lurid colours. As you complete missions, however, you start accumulating a crew for your spaceship. And these crew members have, well... urges.

They also upgrade your ship between missions. But honestly, most of the fun is from hearing the next ridiculously dirty things to come out of their mouths. So to speak.

Starfeld [Increpare]


    "I can't beleive you drugged me and got me pregnant!"

    Is it actually possible to *WIN*? I got either mutiny, or game over 'coz i handed my crew in. :S

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