LunchTimeWaster: Road Rage Imminent

I wish there was some way I could make this game sound exciting or interesting or even just fun. But there's no avoiding the fact that Truck Parking sounds fantastically dull.

But it isn't.

It's actually fantastically frustrating. Give it a go and tell me you aren't overcome with road rage.

Truck Parking [Kongregate]


    Got it in the first car park... I had three shots at the second before rage quitting. :P

    Got through quite a few - good thing i'm good at parking :P

    The only frustrating this is not being able to tell which way your wheels are facing at times...

    it would all be much easier if it came with a steering wheel and proper pedals lol

    The handling doesn't seem to make any kind of sense.

    Managed to beat the game, eventually.

    The last one is a real killer.

    Finished yay - but that steering model was stupid, it should return to centre like most driving games.

      It's pretty realistic, though.

      I forget what direction my car is pointing all the time.

    Too easy... wasn't frustrating at all.

    Maybe cause I've had worse in learning how to park a real car :P


    *If you look closely, you can see which direction your wheels are pointing.

    *You can turn while stationary.

    *Rarely ever go full lock.

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