LunchTimeWaster: Whoa!

Bullet Time has become something of a first-person shooting cliché. So how about a side-scrolling shooter with bullet time instead?

Bullet Time - yes, that's the title - is impossible to play normally. A horizontally scrolling shooter, it throws wave after chaotic wave at you at breakneck speed the instant you start the game. Your ship rapid-fires automatically, occasionally sufficient to clear a fortuitous path through the madness but chances are you'll instead be dead within seconds.

Which is where the eponymous bullet time comes in handy. Hold down spacebar and everything slows down, thus allowing you to more easily negotiate the advnacing enemy formations. Of course, bullet time is limited so judicious application is essential to make any progress. Oh, and plenty of luck.

How many seconds can you survive?

Bullet Time [Kongregate]


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