Mafia II Seeks Authenticity Through Period Flesh Mags

2K's upcoming Mafia II, a game in which some of the action takes places in the 50's, is about to get slightly more authentic after the publishers struck a deal with Playboy magazine.

In order to add "a unique element of authenticity" to the game, there'll be around 50 mags and centrefolds lying around the game, reminding you that not only did gangsters shoot people and drive fast cars, they also spent their spare time looking at tits.

Amazingly, the press release accompanying the news does not dwell on the magazines, or its stars. It instead shows a large Italian man lying around in his underpants. Thanks, 2K. Thanks, Playboy.


    Oh period as in HISTORICAL! I thought...

    never mind...

    I don’t get why the first game was so critically acclaimed, I thought it was a bowl of shite.

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