Mario 1Up Quilt, As Made By A Dude

Two years ago, longtime reader Jacob C. was expecting his first child, a daughter. "I wanted her to have a handmade video game quilt, unrivaled in awesomeness as only they can be." Problem is, neither he nor his wife quilted.

Jacob enlisted the help of four female friends ("Maija, Grace, Rebecca, and especially Carol) to guide his project. The mushroom theme was chosen because of its status as the ultimate 8-bit video game blessing. It took a long time, but it is his daughter's two-year-old birthday present. So congratulations and happy birthday.

Quilting might not be considered a manful art, but if you flip the premise and call this a blanket mod then I suppose we're on the right track. Anyhow, if games aren't just for boys, then game crafts aren't just for girls. So man up and get sewin'.

You can see more pictures at his Picasa album.


    But the one the chick made featured previously was better - boys can't quilt!

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