Mario Creator Has Never Called Video Games "Art"

Are video games art? Or are they entertainment? Let's see what Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda.

Last week, Miyamoto was in London to receive a British Academy of Film and Television Arts Fellowship at the GAME British Academy Video Games Award, reports the Associated Press.

"It's a great honour that my name might be listed as a fellowship member along with such a great director as Hitchcock," Miyamoto told AP. However, when discussing video games as art, the famed game designer replied, "I have never said that video games (are) an art."

This sounds like Miyamoto simply being humble and less about the debate on whether video games are art are not. Video games are art. Truth!

Elsewhere, Miyamoto mentions how it is his top goal to get Nintendo consoles in classrooms as learning tools. Nintendo has been moving forward on this aim since 2006 in Japan.

Nintendo aims to get consoles in schools [MSNBC][Pic]


    Must say, I like the use of "The Fountain", though I can't really envision Miyamoto as Dadaist in any real way.

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